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  1. American exceptionalism - Wikipedia › wiki › American_exceptionalism

    American exceptionalism is the theory that the United States is inherently different from other nations. This stems from its emergence from the American Revolution, becoming what the political scientist Seymour Martin Lipset called "the first new nation" and developing a uniquely American ideology, "Americanism".

  2. Indigenous peoples of the Americas - Wikipedia › wiki › Indigenous_peoples_of_the

    origin from South Siberia (DNA studies reported in 2012 indicate the area of Altai Republic, with a separation of populations 20,000-25,000 years ago) widespread habitation of the Americas during the end of the last glacial period , or more specifically what is known as the Late Glacial Maximum , around 16,000–13,000 years before present.

  3. Western United States - Wikipedia › wiki › American_West

    The U.S. Census Bureau's definition of the 13 westernmost states includes the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin to the Pacific Coast, and the mid-Pacific islands state, Hawaii. To the east of the Western United States is the Midwestern United States and the Southern United States, with Canada to the north, and Mexico to the south. The West contains several major biomes, including arid and semi-arid plateaus and plains, particularly in the American Southwest; forested mountains, including two m

  4. United States Census - Wikipedia › wiki › U

    The United States Census is a census that is legally mandated by the US Constitution, and takes place every 10 years. The first census after the American Revolution was taken in 1790, under Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson; there have been 23 federal censuses since that time. The most recent national census took place in 2020; the next census is scheduled for 2030. Since 2013, the Census Bureau began discussions on using technology to aid data collection starting with the 2020 census. In 2020

  5. American Revolution - Wikipedia › wiki › American_Revolution

    The American Revolution was an ideological and political revolution which occurred in colonial North America between 1765 and 1783. The Americans in the Thirteen Colonies defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War, gaining independence from the British Crown and establishing the United States of America, the first modern constitutional liberal democracy. American RevolutionPart of the Atlantic Revolutions John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence, showing the Committee of Five pres

  6. 윌리엄 브래드퍼드 (플리머스 지사) - 위키백과, 우리 모두의... › wiki › 윌리엄_브래드퍼드

    윌리엄 브래드퍼드(William Bradford, 1590년 3월 19일 ~ 1657년 5월 9일)는 자난날 미국 매사추세츠에 주둔한 영국인 출신 외교관인데, 플리머스 식민지의 영국인 지도자였으며, 존 카버가 죽은 이후 세 번에 걸쳐 식민지 지사로 선출되었다. 1620년에서 1647년에 걸친 그의 여행은 《플리머스 플랜테이션에 대해》(Of Plymouth Plantation)라는 책으로 출판되었다.

  7. 고대의 행성 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전 › wiki › 고대의_일곱_행성

    고대 행성 (古代 行星, classical planets)은 고대의 여러 문화권에서 알려진 하늘에서 관측 가능한 비고정적인 객체였다. 그러므로, 고대 행성은 우리 태양계 에서 지구를 제외한 태양 과 달 그리고 태양과 가장 가까운 (지구에서도 가장 가까운) 다섯 행성 이다. 전자의 둘은 물론이고 후자들 중에서 네 개는 망원경 없이도 관측 가능하다. 그 다섯 행성은 수성 과 금성, 화성, 목성 ...

  8. Gulf War - Wikipedia › wiki › Gulf_War

    In 2013, 280,000 Jordanian citizens of Palestinian origin lived in Kuwait. In 2012, 80,000 Palestinians (without Jordanian citizenship) lived in Kuwait. Saudi Arabia expelled Yemeni workers after Yemen supported Saddam during the Gulf War. Coalition bombing of Iraq's civilian infrastructure

  9. 니우에 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전 › wiki › 니우에

    니우에는 태평양 상에 있는 나라이다. 뉴질랜드 북동쪽, 통가의 동쪽, 사모아의 남쪽에 있다. 뉴질랜드와 자유연합 관계에 있으며, 군사와 외교는 뉴질랜드에 위임되어 있다. 국민은 뉴질랜드 국적이다. 총 면적은 259km²이며, 총 인구는 1,500-2,000명 정도지만, 경제 침체 등으로 점차 감소하고 있다. 수도는 알로피이고, 공용어는 니우에어와 영어이다. 입헌군주제로 원수는 ...

  10. Taekkyeon - Wikipedia › wiki › Taekkyeon

    The term is described as a Martial art -probably descended from earlier dynasties' Subak - or as a folk game. The earliest written source of the term appears during the Joseon Dynasty, in the book Jaemulbo (also Manmulbo), written by Lee Sung-Ji during the reign of King Jeongjo (1776–1800):

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