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  1. 1. The prefix "1 phenyl" indicates that there is a phenyl group attached to the main chain. The phenyl group is a benzene ring, which consists of six carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal shape with alternating single and double bonds. 2. The next part, "1 bromobutane," tells us that there is a bromine atom attached to a butane chain.

  2. Bensene contains six pi electrons which are delocalized in six p orbitals above and below the plane of the benzene ring. The six pi electrons obey Huckel's rule so benzene is especially stable. This means that the aromatic ring want to be retained during reactions.

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  4. Preview text. Synthesis of 1-bromobutanebyIsabella ManlapazIsabella@go.tarletonCHEM 2423Section 520Experiment 7June 20, 2018Executive SummaryThe purpose of this experiment is to use the SN2 reaction of protonated alcohol with a bromideion for the synthesis of 1-bromobutane. For an SN2 reaction mechanism to run smoothly, thereaction must be ...

  5. Jun 18, 2020 · The balanced equation shows that one mol of 1- bromobutane is obtained for every mol of 1-butanol used. Since we are starting with 2.5 mmoles of 1- butanol, then the theoretical yield of 1-bromobutane is also 2.5 mmoles, or .342 g.

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