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    What is the first website ever?

    What is the best website to start a blog?

    Is it time to build a canon of the most significant websites?

    What is the best website for a self hosted blog?

    • CERN. CERN is on here for one reason: it was the first website ever. Yes, this little site – you can still see a snapshot of the site – is the OG of websites.
    • Twitter. Yeah, I know. Twitter has become that annoying know-it-all who never shuts up. But still, you can’t deny its cultural impact. Hashtags are everywhere now – hell, people even use them outside of Twitter, which… uh, that sure is something, I guess – and companies large and small obsess about how best to use Twitter and monetize its millions of users.
    • Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of those things that doesn’t seem all that important until you think about what we’d all do if it suddenly ceased to exist. That’s because you probably don’t even realize how much you use it.
    • Reddit. You know that funny story/meme/picture everyone’s been sending around your office today? Yeah, chances are that it originated over on Reddit. Or at least was popularized there.
  2. Here is a list of some important sites: 1. Google My Business 2. Manta 3. Bing Places 4. Four Square 5. Mapquest 6. City Search 7. Chamberofcommerce 8. Yellow Pages 9. Apple Listing 10. Yelp 11. Ez local 12. White Pages 13. Super Pages 14. Credibility 15. Merchant Circle 16. Tupalo 17. Insider Pages 18. Super Pages 19. City Map 20. Yellow page city

    • Wikipedia (2001) There’s no other major website that has fulfilled its promise and stuck to its original ideals the way that Wikipedia has. The Gizmodo staff is based in North America, and our choices on this list reflect our own little bubble, but there’s no denying that Wikipedia has had a global effect.
    • Google (1998) View the 1998 version of virtually any website, and you’ll likely be horrified by a logic-defying layout and equally hideous graphics. But has remained relatively unchanged since its first iteration, and its simple search bar is still the easiest way to navigate the internet.
    • YouTube (2005) If you ever tried to find a video of your favorite band or bloopers from your favorite show on the web before YouTube, then you understand just how important the site has been to make video content available to anyone with internet.
    • The Onion (1996) Comedy, especially the kind of throwaway gags the internet traffics in, doesn’t always age well. But two decades after launching its satirical news site, The Onion remains the web’s chief authority on the absurdity of our world and the media that covers it.
  3. Oct 29, 2019 · The 50 Most Important Websites of All Time. Miss Cellania • Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 3:24 PM. It's been 50 years since ARPANET got one computer to communicate with another computer on October 29, 1969, laying the foundation of communications that would eventually give rise to the internet. It was quite a few years before that method of ...

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