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    • CERN. CERN is on here for one reason: it was the first website ever. Yes, this little site – you can still see a snapshot of the site – is the OG of websites.
    • Twitter. Yeah, I know. Twitter has become that annoying know-it-all who never shuts up. But still, you can’t deny its cultural impact. Hashtags are everywhere now – hell, people even use them outside of Twitter, which… uh, that sure is something, I guess – and companies large and small obsess about how best to use Twitter and monetize its millions of users.
    • Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of those things that doesn’t seem all that important until you think about what we’d all do if it suddenly ceased to exist. That’s because you probably don’t even realize how much you use it.
    • Reddit. You know that funny story/meme/picture everyone’s been sending around your office today? Yeah, chances are that it originated over on Reddit. Or at least was popularized there.
  1. Please continue to explore the next 10 websites in the top 20 websites that play an important role in the development history of the Internet. 20 The most important website in the history of Internet development (part 1) 11. Yahoo (1994) Yahoo is a well-known website that offers many network services, allowing users to communicate, search ...

  2. Nov 13, 2015 · — Historical information ranging from great speeches to facts about this day in history. Stuff You Missed in History Class — Podcast which discusses the interesting aspects of many...

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  4. 1. StudentRate Among all the new responsibilities as a college student, budgeting may be the toughest one. is a website where you can find great discounts and steal deals that range from textbooks, to travel, to technology. 2. NinjaEssays

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  6. Oct 12, 2012 · Five of history’s most important places is a pretty interesting article at the BBC’s website, and it offers a nice idea for a lesson. In the article, an historian makes his case for what he believes are the five most important places in world history.

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