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    100 Greatest African Americans is a biographical dictionary of one hundred historically great Black Americans (in alphabetical order; that is, they are not ranked), as assessed by Temple University professor Molefi Kete Asante in 2002.

    • Molefi Kete Asante
    • 345
    • 2002
    • 2002
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    Hey Mpadilla123,Your draft looks good, and I have a few comments: 1. Citations need to be more than just links, you need to include author, date, title, and all the usual citation information. Make sure you are also using the inline citations (the ones that look like footnotes). Currently you don't have any inline citations -- which means you'll lose serious points on the final draft if you don't add those in. 2. Also be sure to include the required eight internal links to other Wikipedia articles. Try linking to the articles about the people you've chosen to write about. 3. Make sure you are using past tense verbs to talk about these historical events. For example "Jackie Robinson would become the first African-American to play in the Major League Baseball" -- better to say "Jackie Robinson WAS the first African-American… " - makes more sense Kairyth (talk) 18:50, 6 April 2016 (UTC)

    I can see why an author of a book would want to have the names not listed here, but a list of names is not copyrightable. The Supreme Court was pretty clear about it: I'm going to add it back in unless anyone can show that Wikipedia shouldn't list names of people. —Preceding unsigned comment added by ReferencePlz (talk • contribs) 18:01, 5 March 2010 (UTC) I agree that the article is much better, much more useful, with the full list of names. It is possible that one reason for not listing the names is that, if listed, they would make it very easy for racists to visit all the sites of these incredible people and vandalize them? In researching these individuals, I was surprised by how many of their personal articles on Wikipedia had been vandalized. :-( Lapisphil (talk) 07:38, 28 October 2010 (UTC) 1. No, copyright concerns is the sole reason. Despite comment above, Feist_Publications v. Rural Telephone Service...

    I got this information from Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" feature.--Pharos (talk) 17:18, 31 March 2008 (UTC) 1. <--- since when is this a reputable source of any sort? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:16, 2 March 2009 (UTC) I agree with the proposal to remove this article.The article is essentially an advert for a book, with a link to Amazon.The article carries no other information. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Ncguru (talk • contribs) 22:44, 7 July 2009 (UTC) Without one mention of a listed figure, I cannot fathom why this entry exists. The above criticisms are apt.SLY111 (talk) 17:12, 10 September 2009 (UTC)SLY111

    I removed the unreferenced tag because at this point there's nothing that needs referencing from a secondary source, the one primary source and stub tag is sufficient for the time being, until the article is expanded. -- Ϫ01:10, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

    Please remove Bill Cosby from the list of 100 greatest African Americans. 2605:8D80:441:A18B:30E9:C91D:4A7F:377A (talk) 04:36, 23 June 2020 (UTC) 1. Not done: We don't dictate the list. JTP (talk • contribs)05:24, 23 June 2020 (UTC)

    Bill Cosby should be removed 2600:E008:6B:D818:587A:DFBC:CF8D:9ED6 (talk) 19:42, 23 September 2020 (UTC) 1. Not done: Neither Wikipedia nor our personal opinions dictate the content of a book that was published in 2002. —KuyaBriBriTalk02:31, 24 September 2020 (UTC)

  4. Lists of African Americans - Wikipedia › wiki › Famous_African-American_people

    This is a list of African Americans, also known as Black Americans or Afro-Americans.African Americans an ethnic group and citizens of the United States who have full or partial ancestry of any black racial groups of Africa; Black and African Americans form the third largest racial and ethnic group in the United States, behind White Americans and Hispanic and Latino Americans.

  5. 100 Greatest African Americans — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › 100_Greatest_African_Americans

    Apr 08, 2021 · 100 Greatest African Americans is a biographical dictionary of one hundred historically great Black Americans (in alphabetical order; that is, they are not ranked), as assessed by Temple University professor Molefi Kete Asante in 2002.

  6. African Americans - Wikipedia › wiki › African_Americans

    These changes have been greatest among African Americans. After more than 70 years of racial parity Black marriage rates began to fall behind Whites. Single-parent households have become common, and according to U.S. census figures released in January 2010, only 38 percent of Black children live with both their parents.

  7. Richard Allen (bishop) - Wikipedia › wiki › Richard_Allen_(bishop)

    In 2002, Molefi Kete Asante named Allen as one of the 100 Greatest African Americans. In 2010, a park in the Philadelphia suburb of Radnor Township was named for him. The Richard Allen Homes, a public housing project in Philadelphia, were named for him. A street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is named after him.

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  9. The Greatest American - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Greatest_American

    The Greatest American was a four-part American television series hosted by Matt Lauer in 2005. The show featured biographies and lists of influential persons in U.S. history, and culminated in a contest in which millions in the audience nominated and voted for the person they felt was the "greatest American".

  10. Hank Aaron - Wikipedia › search-redirect

    May 27, 2021 · In 2002, scholar Molefi Kete Asante listed Aaron on his list of 100 Greatest African Americans. When the city of Atlanta was converting Centennial Olympic Stadium into a new baseball stadium, many local residents hoped the stadium would be named for Aaron.

  11. Garrett Morgan - Wikipedia › wiki › Garrett_Augustus_Morgan

    Morgan was included in the 2002 book 100 Greatest African Americans by Molefi Kete Asante. Morgan is an honorary member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Documentary. Morgan is featured in Bayer Mack's 2019 documentary, No Lye: An American Beauty Story, that chronicles the rise and decline of the black-owned ethnic beauty industry.

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