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  1. The 10th Armored Division was inactivated on 13 October 1945 at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia. On 25 February 1953, the division was allotted to the Regular Army but remained inactive. Contents 1 History 1.1 Nickname 1.2 Combat chronicle 1.3 Bastogne 1.4 Across the Saar 1.5 Composition 1.6 Assignments 1.7 Casualties 2 In film 3 See also 4 Notes

  2. The 10th Armored Division was recognized as a liberating unit by the US Army's Center of Military History and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1985. 10th Armored Casualty Figures Casualty figures for the 10th Armored Division, European theater of operations: Total battle casualties: 4,031 Total deaths in battle: 784

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    See also Battle of Bastogne or Siege of Bastogne

    Note. The bulk of this section of the article is taken from the July–August 1992 issue of Armor Magazine, pp. 41 - 43, in the article titled "10th AD Tigers missed credit for valiant fight at Bastogne", by Captain John Buckheit. Armor Magazine allows the reprinting of its material provided that the publication and author are credited.

    Alternate Emblem

    The division, which served under General George S. Patton's Third Army, was activated on 15 July

    The "Tiger" nickname of the 10th originates from a division-wide contest held while it was training in the United States, symbolizing the division "clawing and mauling" its way through the enemy. Major General Paul Newgarden, the division's first commander selected "Tiger" as the winner because a tiger has soldierly qualities, including being clean...

    In the 2001 HBO show, Band of Brothers, a 10th Armored Division Officer is depicted handing out ammunition and supplies to Easy Company Paratroopers from the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle of the Bulge.

    The 10th Armored Division is also represented in the epic 1970 Academy Award-winning film film. General Patton was played by George C. Scott.

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    Wilson, John B. (1999). "Armies Corps

    • Command and Staff
    • Statistics
    • Attachments

    Commanding Officer, Reserve Command

    [page 507]


    1. Ardennes 2. Rhineland 3. Central Europe

    Individual Awards

    Prisoners of War Taken 43,208


    1. Headquarters Company 2. Combat Command A 3. Combat Command B 4. Reserve Command 5. 3d Tank Battalion 6. 11th Tank Battalion 7. 21st Tank Battalion 8. 20th Armored Infantry Battalion 9. 54th Armored Infantry Battalion 10. 61st Armored Infantry Battalion 11. 90th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) 12. 55th Armored Engineer Battalion 13. 150th Armored Signal Company 14. 10th Armored Division Artillery 15. 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion 16. 420th Armored Field Artillery Batt...

    Tank Destroyer

    [pages 509-510]

  3. The 10th Armored Division entered France through the port of Cherbourg, 23 September 1944, and put in a month of training at Teurtheville, France, before entering combat. Leaving Teurtheville, 25 October, the Division moved to Mars-la-Tour, where it entered combat, 1 November, in support of the XX Corps, containing enemy troops in the area.

  4. 10th Armored Division Veterans Photos The following links will display photos for the following events on the 10th Armored Division's pages on Google Photos. Photo Links 2019 - November Moselle River 1944 Commemoration 2016 - June Fort Koenigsmacker • St. Avold • CEVM with Jacques 2016 - June Dedication of the Malling Monument

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