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  1. Treaty of Nymphaeum (1214) - Wikipedia › wiki › Treaty_of_Nymphaeum_(1214)

    The Treaty of Nymphaeum (Greek: Συνθήκη του Νυμφαίου) was a peace treaty signed in December 1214 between the Nicaean Empire, successor state of the Byzantine Empire, and the Latin Empire, which was established in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade of 1204.

  2. Angevin Empire - Wikipedia › wiki › Angevin_Empire

    In February 1214, John landed in La Rochelle after creating alliances headed by the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto. The aim was for the Earl of Salisbury and John's German allies to attack Philip from the north, whilst John attacked from the south.

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  4. Battle of Bouvines - Wikipedia › wiki › Battle_of_Bouvines

    The Battle of Bouvines was fought on 27 July 1214 near the town of Bouvines in the County of Flanders.It was the concluding battle of the Anglo-French War of 1213–1214.A French army of approximately 7,000 men commanded by King Philip Augustus defeated an Allied army of approximately 9,000 men commanded by Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV.

    • French victory
  5. Pax Mongolica - Wikipedia › wiki › Pax_Mongolica

    The new Mongol empire quickly moved to annex more territory. The first Mongol conquests were campaigns against the Western Xia. In 1209 the Mongols conquered the Western Xia. Between 1213 and 1214 the Mongols conquered the Jin Empire, and by 1214 the Mongols had captured most of the land north of the Yellow River.

  6. Alexander II of Scotland - Wikipedia › wiki › Alexander_II_of_Scotland

    Alexander II (Mediaeval Gaelic: Alaxandair mac Uilliam; Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Uilleim; 24 August 1198 – 6 July 1249) was King of Scotland from 1214 until his death. He concluded the Treaty of York (1237) which defined the boundary between England and Scotland, virtually unchanged today.

  7. List of Wikipedias - Wikipedia › wiki › Corsican_Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a free multilingual wiki-based online encyclopedia edited and maintained by a community of volunteer editors, started on January 15, 2001 as an English-language encyclopedia. Soon, non-English editions were created: the German and Catalan editions were created on circa 16 March, [1] the French edition was created on 23 March, [2 ...

  8. Louis I, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia › wiki › Louis_I,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Louis I (German: Ludwig; 23 December 1173 – 15 September 1231), called the Kelheimer or of Kelheim, since he was born and died at Kelheim, was the Duke of Bavaria from 1183 and Count Palatine of the Rhine from 1214. He was a son of Otto I and his wife Agnes of Loon. Louis was married to Ludmilla, a daughter of Duke Frederick of Bohemia.

  9. MTR Western - Wikipedia › wiki › MTR_Western

    MTR Western's three-year growth of 1,214.9% earned it national recognition in Inc. Magazine's "Inc. 500", a list of America's fastest growing private companies in 2007. The list ranks MTR Western as number 166 in the U.S., number 9 in Washington State, and number 3 in the Transportation category.

  10. Galicia (Eastern Europe) - Wikipedia › wiki › Galicia_(Eastern_Europe)

    Galicia–Volhynia was created following the death in 1198 or 1199 (and without a recognised heir in the paternal line) of the last Prince of Galicia, Vladimir II Yaroslavich; Roman acquired the Principality of Galicia and united his lands into one state. Roman's successors would mostly use Halych (Galicia) as the designation of their combined ...

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