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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1237. Year 1237 (MCCXXXVII) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

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    1237. po kalendarima; Gregorijanski: 1237. (MCCXXXVII) Ab urbe condita: 1990. Islamski: 634–635. Iranski: 615–616. Hebrejski: 4997–4998. Bizantski: 6745–6746 ...

    • 1990.
    • 615–616.
    • 1237. (MCCXXXVII)
    • 634–635.
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    Ena pele tewr peyên roca 15:16 de, saeta 16 Temuz 2020 de vurriya; Nuşte Creative Commons Atıf-Zey Pê vılakerdış'i de yo; şertê bini tetbiq benê. Detayan rê Şertanê karkerdışi bıvênên.

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    1237. 1237 ( MCCXXXVII) lâi normaalihe, mii aalgij já nuuvâi juliaanlâš kalender mield tuorâstuv. Tot lâi 1230-lovo káávcád ihe.

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    Wikipedia Pākehā: Kaihautū whenua, 1237. Wikipedia Pākehā: Rārangi kōrero mō te taiao o Aotearoa. BrainyHistory: 1237. Kei te Wikimedia Commons he whakaahua atu anō mō. 1237. He maramara noa iho tēnei tuhipānui mō te maramataka. Tirohia ngā tikanga whakapai mō tēnei paetukutuku reo Māori.

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    1237. u temama. Ovaj odlomak potrebno je proširiti. Rođeni. Ovaj ... Wikipedia® je zaštitni znak neprofitne organizacije Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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    O 1237 (MCCXXXVII inte nùmeri români) o l'é 'n ànno do XIII secolo . 1237 inti âtri lunâi. Calendäio gregoriàn. 1237. Ab Urbe condita. 1990 (MCMXC) Calendäio armêno. 685 — 686. Calendäio bengaléize.

    • 1990 (MCMXC)
    • 643 — 644
    • 685 — 686
    • 1237
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    • Händelser
    • födda
    • Avlidna

    Okänt datum

    1. Dominikanerkloster grundas i Sigtuna och Skänninge, som blir något av ett centrum för dominikanermunkarna. 2. Tavasternas uppror slås ner. 3. Ett nytt privilegiebrev utfärdas, där gotlänningarnas tullfrihet i Englandbekräftas. 4. Konrad IV väljs till kung av Tyskland. 5. Mongolerna invaderar Ryssland. 6. Svärdsriddarna utvidgar Tyska ordens område ända till Estland. 7. Staden Berlin grundas, när dess tvillingstad Cölln får stadsprivilegium. 8. De träd fälls vilka blir byggmaterial till Sve...

    Rikissa Birgersdotter, svensk prinsessa, drottning av Norge 1251–1257, gift med Håkon den unge(född omkring detta år).

    22 mars – Johan av Brienne, kung av Jerusalem.
    Bengt Magnusson, biskop i Linköpings stift.
    Berenguela av Leon, kejsarinna av Konstantinopel.
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    Wikipedia®和维基百科标志是维基媒体基金会的注册商标;维基™是维基媒体基金会的商标。 维基媒体基金会是按美国国內稅收法501(c)(3)登记的 非营利慈善机构 。

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    By area

    1. Sundiata starts to rule in Mali(approximate date). 2. In the West African village of Siby, Sundiata Keita, founder of the Mali Empire, forces the Malinkésto bind themselves to each other by oath. 1. August 10–12 – Battle of Yassıçemen: Sultan Kayqubad I of Rum defeats Shah Jala9719 ad-Din of Persia, ending the Khwarazmian Dynasty. 2. The Sena Dynasty of Bengalfalls. 1. March 9 – Battle of Klokotnitsa: Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II defeats the Emperor of Thessalonica Theodore Komnenos Doukas....

    By topic

    1. The Carmina Buranapoetry and song collection is created (approximate date).

    By area

    1. April 9 – After a bizarre weather phenomena of yellowish clouds and dust chokes the air around Hangzhou in Song dynasty China, obscuring the sky and sun, a fire breaks out at night in the southeast of the city, which continues into the next day. Fighting the flames is difficult due to limited visibility. When the fires are extinguished, it is discovered that an entire district of some 10,000 houses in the southeast of the city have been consumed by the flames. 2. Mongol troops cross the Ya...

    By topic

    1. Ardengus becomes bishop of Florence.

    By area

    1. The Almohad army besieges Ceuta, where Abu Musa, the rebellious brother of the caliph, has received shelter and the support of the population. The Genoese rent a part of their fleet to the rebels, who successfully resist the forces of the caliph. The consequences of this revolt are threefold: the city becomes de facto independent from the Almohads, but its reliance on the Italian maritime powers increases, and the trans-Saharan traderoutes begin to shift eastward, due to the local turmoil....

    By topic

    1. The northern French city of Troyes issues its first recorded life annuities, confirming the trend of consolidation of local public debts initiated in 1218, by the neighboring city of Reims. 1. May 30 – Anthony of Padua is canonized by Pope Gregory IX at Spoleto, less than a year after his death;he becomes the patron saint of lost items.

    By area

    1. February 26 – Mongol–Jin War: The Mongols capture Kaifeng, the capital of the Jin Dynasty, after besieging it for months. 2. December – The Mongol siege of Caizhoubegins. 1. Winter – Spain: after the loss of Trujillo and Úbeda, Ibn Hud al-Yamadi has to request a truce from the king of Castile, Ferdinand III. 2. The Castilian troops besiege the Muslim-held city of Peniscola. 3. The rebellious city of San Severo is destroyed by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor. 4. Elburg and Gendtget their c...

    By topic

    1. Mustansiriya Madrasah is founded in Baghdad.

    By area

    1. The Manden region rises against the Kaniaga Kingdom. This is the beginning of a process that will lead to the rise of the Mali Empire. 1. February 9 – Mongol conquest of the Jin dynasty: Siege of Caizhou - Song Dynasty Chinese and Mongolian armies occupy the Jurchen capital at Caizhou, and Emperor Aizong of Jin commits suicide, marking the collapse of the Jin Dynasty. 1. Upon the death of Knut Långe, the deposed Erik Eriksson returns as king of Sweden, possibly after a small war between th...

    By topic

    1. Saint Dominic is canonized. 2. Pope Gregory IX releases the Nova Compilatio Decretalium or Decretales Gregorii IX.

    Connacht in Ireland is finally conquered by the Hiberno-Norman Richard Mór de Burgh; Felim Ua Conchobairis expelled.
    A general inquisition begins in France.
    The Byzantine emperor John III Doukas Vatatzes and the Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II besiege Constantinople, in an attempt to take it from its Latin rulers, John of Brienne and Baldwin II. Angelo San...
    Elizabeth of Hungary (d. 1231) is canonized, by Pope Gregory IX.

    By area

    1. Kouroukan Fouga, the constitution of the Mali Empire, is created. 1. May 1 – Razia Sultana is the designated successor of her father, to the Delhi Sultanate. 2. 10 October – Razia Sultana becomes the first Muslim female ruler of the Indian Sub-Continent, deposing her half brother as Sultana of Delhi 3. Only four of 58 districts in Sichuan, China, are captured from the Southern Song by the Mongols, under Ögedei Khan. 4. Kalinga Magha, founder of the Aryacakravarti Dynasty, is expelled from...

    By topic

    1. May 6 – Roger of Wendover, Benedictine monk and chronicler of St. Albans Abbey dies. His chronicle is continued by Matthew Paris. 1. A drought causes the harvest to fail, and leads to one of the great famines of the century in Europe.


    1. Alexander of Hales enters the FranciscanOrder.

    Thomas II of Savoy becomes count of Flanders.
    Elbing is founded in the State of the Teutonic Order (today Elbląg, Poland).
    After turning aside south for 15 years to invade the Caucasus, Asia Minor and Persia, Batu Khan (with representatives of all four khanates leading 150,000 Mongol, Turkish and Persian troops into Eu...
    December 21 – Mongol invasion of Rus': Ryazanis sacked.

    By place

    1. March 4 – Mongol invasion of Rus – Battle of the Sit River: The Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan defeat the Rus', under Yuri Vsevolodovich of Vladimir-Suzdal. 2. August 21 – Battle of Örlygsstaðir: Sighvatr Sturluson and Sturla Sighvatsson are defeated by Kolbeinn ungi Arnórsson and Gissur Þorvaldsson, for control of Iceland. 3. September 28 – James I of Aragon captures the city of Valencia from the Moors, who retreat to Granada. 4. The seat of the Patriarch of Aquileia is transferred to Udine....

    March 20 – Pope Gregory IX excommunicates Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor.
    November – The Pope grants the status of Crusade, to the king of Castile's ongoing invasion of the Muslim kingdom of Murcia.
    Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor conducts the Siege of Faenza.
    The main tower of Lincoln Cathedral in Englandcollapses.
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