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  1. Seljuk Empire - Wikipedia › wiki › Seljuk_Empire

    4 days ago · The Seljuk empire was founded in 1037 by Tughril Beg (990–1063) and his brother Chaghri Beg (989–1060). From their homelands near the Aral Sea , the Seljuks advanced first into Khorasan and then into mainland Persia , before eventually conquering Baghdad and eastern Anatolia.

  2. Turkic peoples - Wikipedia › wiki › Turkic_peoples

    3 days ago · The origins of the Turkic peoples has been a topic of much discussion. Recent linguistic, genetic and archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest Turkic peoples descended from agricultural communities in Northeast China who moved westwards into Mongolia in the late 3rd millennium BC, where they adopted a pastoral lifestyle.

    • 293,500
    • 800,000–1,000,000+
    • 12,751,502
    • 57,500,000–61,500,000
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