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    1257 Samalas eruption From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1257, a catastrophic eruption occurred at the Samalas volcano on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The event had a probable Volcanic Explosivity Index of 7, making it one of the largest volcanic eruptions during the current Holocene epoch.

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  2. Ulaghchi - Wikipedia › wiki › Ulaghchi

    Ulaghchi (Ulaqchi or Ulavchii) Khan (Mongolian: Улаагч Хаан, Tatar: Улакчы хан) (died 1257) was the third khan of the Blue Horde and Golden Horde, ruling for less than a year in 1257.

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    History Investiture Controversy. The Investiture Controversy was the most significant conflict between secular and religious powers in medieval Europe.It began as a dispute in the 11th century between the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, and the Gregorian Papacy concerning who would control appointments of church officials (investiture).

  5. Kamata Kingdom - Wikipedia › wiki › Kamata_Kingdom

    The Kamata Kingdom (pron: ˈkʌmətɑ) emerged in western Kamarupa probably when Sandhya, a ruler of Kamarupanagara, moved his capital west to Kamatapur sometime after 1257 CE. Since it originated in the old seat of the Kamarupa kingdom, and since it covered most of the western parts of it, the kingdom is also sometimes called as Kamarupa-Kamata.

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    Each Wikipedia has a code, which is used as a subdomain below Interlanguage links are sorted by that code. The codes represent the language codes defined by ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-3, and the decision of which language code to use is usually determined by the IETF language tag policy.

  7. Letusan Samalas 1257 - Wikipédia › wiki › Letusan_Samalas_1257

    Ring warsa 1257, letusan ageng kawéntenang ring gunung marapi Samalas ring Nusa Lombok.Paindikan punika minab ageng Indéks Letusan Gunung Berapi nyané 7, [lower-alpha 1] manadosang silih tunggil letusan gunung marapi pinih ageng ri kala aab Holosén.

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    Artikel ini masih dalam proses penerjemahan dari artikel 1257 Samalas eruption dalam bahasa Inggris ke dalam bahasa Indonesia. Jika Anda cukup yakin dengan kompetensi Anda dalam bahasa bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia, Anda dapat membantu Wikipedia dengan menerjemahkan artikel ini.

  9. Western Pomerania - Wikipedia › wiki › Western_Pomerania

    Western Pomerania, also called Hither Pomerania (German: Vorpommern), is the western extremity of the historic region of the Duchy, later Province of Pomerania, nowadays divided between the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Poland.

  10. 1255 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › 1255

    Events Europe Western Europe. August – The final Cathar stronghold in southern France falls, eliminating the last refuge of the heretical Cathars after the Roman Catholic Church engaged in a program to crush the sect, starting in 1209 with the Albigensian Crusade.

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