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  1. Wikipedia:E3e2 - Wikipedia

    This is an experiment in indexing Wikipedia using a logarithmic timeline approach.. I'm taking the 2nd millennium as a startingplace. The title "e3e2" means the span from 10e3 years ago to 10e2 years ago.

  2. Portal:Biography - Wikipedia

    Josquin des Prez (French: [ʒɔskɛ̃ depʁe]; c. 1450/1455 – 27 August 1521), often referred to simply as Josquin, was a French composer of the Renaissance.He was the most famous European composer between Guillaume Dufay and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, and is usually considered to be the central figure of the Franco-Flemish School.

  3. 2nd millennium : definition of 2nd millennium and synonyms of ... millennium/en-en

    The 2nd millennium was the thousand-year period that commenced on January 1, 1001 and ended on December 31, 2000, encompasses the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Early Modern Age, the age of Colonialism, industrialization, the rise of nation states, and culminates in the 20th century with the impact of science, widespread education, and universal health care and vaccinations in many ...

  4. 16 Apr 1877 - INTRODUCTION. - Trove

    The past month has been unusually barren of political interest. The further prorogation of Parliament to the 26th inst. produced a lull in the election ...

  5. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians - Find link

    Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts. searching for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians 298 found (3112 total) alternate case: the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 1500s in music (1,218 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article

  6. Quadrant Summary Part 2 | mysite-1

    The Navajo had four worlds, the fourth being different. They had four original people that represent to them the four races. This wikipedia article will give you an idea of the repetition of four and the centrality of four for the Navajo- The four holy people, the four seas, the four holy mountains, the four rulers are just a few examples.

  7. Sufism - Unionpedia, the concept map

    In 2009, Rahman was included on the ''Time'' 100 list of the world's most influential people. The UK-based world-music magazine Songlines named him one of "Tomorrow's World Music Icons" in August 2011. South Indian fans of Rahman refer him with the nickname of "The Mozart of Madras", and "Isai Puyal" (the Musical Storm).

  8. Muhlberger's World History: April 2006

    The Wikipedia article states that de Gouges was executed for writing a critique of revolutionary France from the point of view of an "aerial voyager," presumably a balloonist. Hot-air balloons were then symbols of the utmost modernity and they were a French invention.

  9. Scuola Ecclesia Mater: Il Natale delle due Terese

    Il Natale delle due Terese di Cristiana de Magistris Non vi è cosa che riesca più difficile all’uomo moderno, il cosiddetto cattolico “adulto”, quanto esercitarsi nelle piccole virtù, nel silenzio e lontano dagli sguardi umani, avendo per testimone Dio solo.

  10. Fraternidad Santa Bárbara de la Reina de Casablanca: "Dies Irae"

    Bajo el amparo de Santa Bárbara, virgen y mártir, promovemos la Tradición Católica. Dilexísti justítiam, et odísti iniquitátem. (Ps. 44,8).

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