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    1347 (MCCCXLVII) was a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar, the 1347th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 347th year of the 2nd millennium, the 47th year of the 14th century, and the 8th year of the 1340s decade.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Battle of Imbros occurred in spring 1347 between the fleets of a Christian naval league formed as part of the Smyrniote crusades, and of a Turkish raiding fleet, possibly from the beyliks of Aydin and Sarukhan. The Turks abandoned their ships and landed on the island of Imbros, where most were captured.

    • late April 1347
    • Imbros
    • Crusader victory
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    Events. The Black Death ravages Europe (1347-1351); Roman Commoner Cola di Rienzo proclaims himself a new Roman dictator in Capitoline Hill in Rome; Pope Clement VI denounces him as a pagan and a heretic and he is driven out of the city by the end of the year

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    • Overview
    • Background
    • Prelude
    • Siege
    • Subsequent activities
    • Aftermath

    The Siege of Calais occurred at the conclusion of the Crécy campaign, when an English army under the command of King Edward III of England successfully besieged the French town of Calais during the Edwardian phase of the Hundred Years' War. The English army of some 10,000 men had landed in northern Normandy on 12 July 1346. They embarked on a large-scale raid, or chevauchée, devastating large parts of northern France. On 26 August 1346, fighting on ground of their own choosing, the...

    Since the Norman Conquest of 1066, English monarchs had held titles and lands within France, the possession of which made them vassals of the kings of France. The status of the English king's French fiefs was a major source of conflict between the two monarchies throughout the Middle Ages. French monarchs systematically sought to check the growth of English power, stripping away lands as the opportunity arose. Over the centuries, English holdings in France had varied in size, but by 1337 only Ga

    Although Gascony was the cause of the war, Edward was able to spare few resources for it; whenever an English army had campaigned on the continent, it had operated in northern France. In 1346 Edward raised an army in England and the largest fleet ever assembled by the English to that date, 747 ships. The fleet landed on 12 July at St. Vaast la Hogue, 20 miles from Cherbourg. The English army is estimated by modern historians to have been some 10,000 strong, and consisted of English and Welsh sol

    After resting for two days and burying the dead, the English, requiring supplies and reinforcements, marched north. They continued to devastate the land, and razed several towns, including Wissant, the normal port of disembarkation for English shipping to north-east France. Outside the burning town Edward held a council, which decided to capture Calais. The city was an ideal entrepôt from an English point of view, and close to the border of Flanders and Edward's Flemish allies. The English ...

    As soon as Calais capitulated, Edward paid off a large part of his army and released his Flemish allies. Philip in turn stood down the French army. Edward promptly launched strong raids up to 30 miles into French territory. Philip attempted to recall his army, setting a date of 1 September, but experienced serious difficulties. His treasury was exhausted and taxes for the war had to be collected in many places at sword point. Despite these exigencies, ready cash was not forthcoming. The French a

    Calais was vital to England's effort against the French for the rest of the war, it being all but impossible to land a large force other than at a friendly port. It also allowed the accumulation of supplies and materiel prior to a campaign. A ring of substantial fortifications defending the approaches to Calais were rapidly constructed, marking the boundary of an area known as the Pale of Calais. The town had an extremely large standing garrison of 1,400 men, virtually a small army, under the ov

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    Byzantine civil war of 1341–1347. The Byzantine civil war of 1341–1347, sometimes referred to as the Second Palaiologan Civil War, was a conflict that broke out in the Byzantine Empire after the death of Andronikos III Palaiologos over the guardianship of his nine-year-old son and heir, John V Palaiologos. It pitted on the one hand ...

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    From today's featured article Durrell's vontsira (Salanoia durrelli) is a Madagascan mammal in the family Eupleridae of the order Carnivora. It is most closely related to the brown-tailed mongoose (Salanoia concolor), with which it forms the genus Salanoia. The two are genetically similar, but morphologically distinct, leading scientists to recognize them as separate species. The animal was ...

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NGC 1347 is a barred spiral galaxy situated in constellation of Eridanus. It is at the distance 81 milion light years, it is a member of the Eridanus cluster of galaxies, a cluster of about 200 galaxies. NGC 1347 has a Hubble classification of SBc, which indicates it is a barred spiral galaxy.

    • 1.5′ × 1.3′
    • 03ʰ 29.418ᵐ
    • 24.8 Mpc (80.9 Mly)
    • Eridanus
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