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    Zheng He (Chinese: 郑和; simplified Chinese: 郑和; traditional Chinese: 鄭和; pinyin: zhèng hé; 1371 – 1433 or 1435) was a Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch during China's early Ming dynasty.

    • Ma He, Ma Sanbao, Cheng Ho
    • Admiral, diplomat, explorer, and palace eunuch
  2. Trioecy - Wikipedia

    Trioecy (or subdioecy) is a extremely rare reproductive system characterized by the coexistence of males, females, and hermaphrodites.It has been found in both plants and animals.

  3. Protist - Wikipedia

    A protist (/ ˈ p r oʊ t ɪ s t /) is any eukaryotic organism (that is, an organism whose cells contain a cell nucleus) that is not an animal, plant, or fungus.While it is likely that protists share a common ancestor (the last eukaryotic common ancestor), the exclusion of other eukaryotes means that protists do not form a natural group, or clade.

  4. Wikipedia - RationalWiki
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    Wikipedia boasts over 50 million articles in 302 languages (each language has a separate Wikipedia subdomain, such as for English), from the popular ones like English and Cebuano (a language of the Philippines) to far smaller projects such as Afar and Muscogee. Wikipedia has been compared, once positively, to Encyclopædia Britannica;Despite this praise, it's often frowned upon to use it as a reference in any serious work due to the lack of formal quality control.


    English Wikipedia has about 1200 administrators, of which about two hundred are active. Administrators have the power to perform certain tasks that could be very disruptive in the wrong hands, such as deleting articles. They are also empowered to enforce over 2600 different guidelines, primarily through the use of user blocks and topic bans (where a user is banned from a set of pages, but not the entire site). A common misconception is that administrators oversee Wikipedia's content. This is...


    Particularly contentious disputes, including disputes that involve administrators, are handled by a committee of arbitrators — Wikipedia's Supreme Court. As with administrators, the arbitrators are expected to focus solely on behavioral issues and avoid any role in shaping content. Arbitrators have much less autonomy than administrators: they handle only high-profile disputes, there are only 12 or so arbitrators at any given time, they must act jointly, and most importantly, must undergo comm...

    The Grand Poobahs

    In theory there is a formal layer of management on Wikipedia, that of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, and their employee, the Executive Director of the Foundation. In practice, the Foundation is in charge of little more than Wikipedia's ongoing hosting (software, hardware, and technicians) and funding. They make occasional grandiose speeches about the importance of Wikipedia and are responsible for the well-received slogan, "Wikipedia Forever" "WIKIPEDIA FOREVER". Their oversight...

    Critics of Wikipedia often cite the fact that anyone can edit it as the reason that it is unreliable. It is certainly true that Wikipedia's open editing policy sometimes causes problems, known as vandalism or "wandalism." This is the main criticism brought up in popular media, where actual knowledge of how the wiki operates is seldom in evidence. While it's true that anyone can add misinformation, it's also true that anyone can remove it. The MediaWiki software even has a handy button to do this, and numerous bots and editors patrol recent edits to make sure none are obviously malicious — the average unwanted edit usually lasts about one minute on Wikipedia. Coupled with the fact that any article likely to receive attention from vandals is protected or semi-protected from anonymous editing, the wiki isn't in much danger of being overridden by obviousvandalism. More subtle vandalism, errors, and distortions (intentional or otherwise) are another matter entirely. In reality, one of th...

    As a consequence of Wikipedia's open editing policy the skeptical group Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia is able to work tirelessly to insert a more skeptical line in Wikipedia's articles. Wikipedia's content policies — cite everything, genuine peer-reviewed science wins — means that this can be done without infringing its policies. Naturally, cranksare very unhappy with the situation. Despite being an Objectivist, Jimmy Wales has endorsed a sources-based viewpoint. A group of alternative medicine practitioners created a petitionasking him to "create and enforce new policies that allow for true scientific discourse about holistic approaches to healing". This was because they found the existing strict requirements for things like "facts" and "evidence" excessively burdensome. Wales' response, in full:

    As it is a global educational resource, and also caters for mature grown-ups, Wikipedia has a firm NO CENSORSHIP policy. This means that the detailed etymology of the word "fuck," pictures of men sucking their own penises and the close-up of a vulva (which made the front page on the German language Wikipedia in April 2010) are there for entirely educational reasons. As a result, be careful when hitting Special:Randomat work.In any case, it is clear that people go to Wikipedia primarily for its educational content, particularly Wikimedia Commons and its painstakingly categorised images. The squeamish of the world are most often horrified and appalled by this and complain to the authorities. It is unfortunate that those most keen to complain about mature images held by the Wikimedia Foundation are those who prefer "personal responsibility," yet don't seem to take the "personal responsibility" to install something like Net-Nanny, or set their preferences to restrict mature images. Righ...

    Conspiracy theorists love to pull the shill gambit with Wikipedia, because it's neutral, and doesn't promote their theories. Claims include deleting articles about known cranks because of "disagreeing with them", and spreading disinformation about the NWO, 9/11, and Big Pharma. While this does happen, this is usually because of the lack of reliable sources these articles have. Sources like Infowars and Natural Newswon't fly on Wikipedia. Conspiracy theorists hate this, because sites like those are the only sites that support their theories. Hence, Wikipedia is a Shill! While Wikipedia does have the occasional issue with conflict-of-interest editing and paid editors, it is common for conspiracy theorists to take this to a new level by accusing any editor who supports an edit that appears to them to favor Big Pharma or GMOs of being "paid", usually in the form of just asking questions, all the way up to believing Wikipedia itself is being duped by them.

    In 2007, rumors and press reports of a WMF-sponsored search engine circulated to the point that the WMF issued a press release stating, "Wikimedia is not developing a search engine and does not plan to." In January 2008, Wales announced Wikia Search, a human-powered search engine. Wales made the cover of various tech magazines based on the announcement. When Sue Gardner took over as Executive Director of WMF, she discovered that Google-related donors has reservations about donating due to the project. Wales kept making comments to the press that Wikia Search was progressing and a week later, Wales announced that the project was terminated. Wales promised to return to the project when the economy picks up.A $2 million Google-related donation followed. In 2015, the WMF embarked on a secret project that was so secret that even some of the engineers assigned to work on parts of it did not know that it was a Google-killing general search engine called the "Knowledge Engine." The estimate...

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    Wikipedia's most controversial articles by top languages(You can just guess the English versions.)
  5. Animal pound - Wikipedia

    The village pound was a feature of most English medieval villages, [citation needed] and they were also found in the English colonies of North America and in Ireland.. A high-walled and lockable structure served several purposes; the most common use was to hold stray sheep, pigs and cattle until they were claimed by the owners, [citation needed] usually for the payment of a fine or levy.

  6. Situating Wikipedia as a health information resource in ...

    Feb 18, 2020 · Background Wikipedia’s health content is the most frequently visited resource for health information on the internet. While the literature provides strong evidence for its high usage, a comprehensive literature review of Wikipedia’s role within the health context has not yet been reported. Objective To conduct a comprehensive review of peer-reviewed, published literature to learn what the ...

  7. Yoshinori Ohsumi - Wikipedia

    Yoshinori Ohsumi (大隅 良典, Ōsumi Yoshinori, born February 9, 1945) is a Japanese cell biologist specializing in autophagy, the process that cells use to destroy and recycle cellular components.

  8. Global Disease Monitoring and Forecasting with Wikipedia

    Nov 13, 2014 · Author Summary Even in developed countries, infectious disease has significant impact; for example, flu seasons in the United States take between 3,000 and 49,000 lives. Disease surveillance, traditionally based on patient visits to health providers and laboratory tests, can reduce these impacts. Motivated by cost and timeliness, surveillance methods based on internet data have recently ...

  9. Uzbeks - Wikipedia

    Uzbeks come from a predominantly Sunni Muslim background, usually of the Hanafi school, but variations exist between northern and southern Uzbeks. According to a 2009 Pew Research Center report, Uzbekistan's population is 96.3% Muslim, [92] around 54% identifies as non-denominational Muslim , 18% as Sunni and 1% as Shia . [93]

  10. Прилепско кралство – УикипедияПрилепско...

    Прилепското кралство е държава в Югоизточна Европа, съществувала между 1371 и 1395 година.. То се образува върху личните владения на Вълкашин Мърнявчевич, който получава от сръбския цар Стефан Урош v титлата крал.

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