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  1. Florida's 13th congressional district is an electoral district for the U.S. Congress and was reassigned in 2012, effective January 2013, to Pinellas County. [6] [7] This district includes St. Petersburg , Largo , and Clearwater .

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    Florida's 13th congressional district is an electoral district for the U.S. Congress and was reassigned in 2012, effective January 2013, to Pinellas County. [6] [7] This district includes St. Petersburg , Largo , and Clearwater .

    • 429 sq mi (1,110 km²)
    • 731,658
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    The Florida congressional districts are represented in the 117th United States Congress by 11 Democrats and 16 Republicans. In 2010 more than 63 percent of Florida voters approved the initiated Amendments 5 and 6, known as the "Fair District Amendments," to the state constitution, over the objections of the Republican-controlled legislature.

    Matt Gaetz (R- Fort Walton Beach )
    Neal Dunn (R- Panama City )
    Kat Cammack (R- Gainesville )
    John Rutherford (R- Jacksonville )
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    Federal requirements for congressional redistricting

    According to Article I, Section 4 of the United States Constitution, the states and their legislatures have primary authority in determining the "times, places, and manner" of congressional elections. Congress may also pass laws regulating congressional elections. Article I, Section 2 of the United States Constitution stipulates that congressional representatives be apportioned to the states on the basis of population. There are 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives. Each st...

    Federal requirements for state legislative redistricting

    The United States Constitution is silent on the issue of state legislative redistricting. In the mid-1960s, the United States Supreme Court issued a series of rulings in an effort to clarify standards for state legislative redistricting. In Reynolds v. Sims, the court ruled that "the Equal Protection Clause [of the United States Constitution] demands no less than substantially equal state legislative representation for all citizens, of all places as well as of all races." According to All Abo...

    Congressional districts

    1. 1.1. See also: United States congressional delegations from Florida Florida comprises 27 congressional districts. The map to the right depicts Florida's congressional district lines as drawn following the 2010 United States Census (this map applied to elections in 2012 and 2014; the map is currently the subject of litigation). The table below lists Florida's current House representatives.

    State legislative maps

    1. 1.1. See also: Florida State Senate and Florida House of Representatives Florida comprises 40 state Senate districts and 120 state House districts. State senators are elected every four years in partisan elections. State representatives are elected every two years in partisan elections. To access the state legislative district maps approved following the 2010 United States Census, click here.


    There are conflicting opinions regarding the correlation between partisan gerrymandering and electoral competitiveness. In 2012, Jennifer Clark, a political science professor at the University of Houston, said, "The redistricting process has important consequences for voters. In some states, incumbent legislators work together to protect their own seats, which produces less competition in the political system. Voters may feel as though they do not have a meaningful alternative to the incumben...

    Race and ethnicity

    1. 1.1. See also: Majority-minority districts Section 2 of the Voting Rights Actof 1965 mandates that electoral district lines cannot be drawn in such a manner as to "improperly dilute minorities' voting power." States and other political subdivisions may create majority-minority districts in order to comply with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. A majority-minority district is a district in which minority groups compose a majority of the district's total population. As of 2015, Florida was...

    Redistricting legislation

    1. See state election laws The following is a list of recent redistricting bills that have been introduced in or passed by the Florida state legislature. To learn more about each of these bills, click the bill title. This information is provided by BillTrack50 and LegiScan. Note: Due to the nature of the sorting process used to generate this list, some results may not be relevant to the topic. If no bills are displayed below, no legislation pertaining to this topic has been introduced in the...

    Redistricting ballot measures

    1. 1.1. See also: Redistricting measures on the ballot and List of Florida ballot measures Ballotpedia has tracked the following ballot measure(s) relating to redistricting in Florida. 1. Florida Apportionment of Legislature, Amendment 2 (1944) 2. Florida Bay and Washington Counties Senatorial District, Amendment 5 (1952) 3. Florida Congressional District Boundaries, Amendment 6 (2010) 4. Florida Legislative District Boundaries, Amendment 5 (2010) 5. Florida Legislative Representation, Amendm...

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    National Conference of State Legislatures, "Redistricting Process"
    FairVote, "Redistricting"
  6. Florida's 13th congressional district is an electoral district for the U.S. Congress and was reassigned in 2012, effective January 2013, to Pinellas County. This district includes St. Petersburg, Largo, and Clearwater. Florida's 13th congressional district - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMil

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    Jan 25, 2018 · All demographic data is from the 2010 census. Six of the seven alternative congressional district maps were drawn using Dave’s Redistricting App, a free online tool for experimenting with political boundaries. Its creator, Dave Bradlee, modified the app to make this project possible.

  8. Nov 11, 2010 · The Top Ten Most Gerrymandered Congressional Districts in the United States ... Florida-20. This is what gerrymandering looks like in the modern era: ugly. ... the state’s 13th district consists ...

  9. Martin Dyckman: Congressional District 13 was drawn to assure ... › archives › 210286-martin

    Mar 18, 2014 · That would appear to be the short explanation for why the Democrats narrowly lost last week's special election in Pinellas County's 13th Congressional District. Republican David Jolly edged ...

  10. How does gerrymandering affect congressional districts ... › How-does-gerrymandering-affect

    > How does gerrymandering affect congressional districts? Gerrymandering is the electoral fraud* ** *** **** of passing a law ***** that sets the district boundaries to benefit the party in power in the state at the time of redistricting in years...

  11. Obama is not the gerrymandering reformer he's sounding like ... › president-obama-gerrymandering

    Oct 23, 2020 · Gorrell is an advocate for the deaf, a former Republican Party election statistician, and a longtime congressional aide. He has been advocating against partisan gerrymandering for four decades. I got a jolt of optimism in late September when someone alerted me to a four-minute video posted by the progressive news organization NowThis News.

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