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      • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Siege of Malta of 1429 was an attempt by Hafsid Saracens to take over the island of Malta, then part of the Kingdom of Sicily. The invaders were repelled but many Maltese were killed or enslaved. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Siege of,repelled but many Maltese were killed or enslaved.
  1. Siege of Malta (1429) - Wikipedia

    The painting can now be found in a chapel within St Paul's Cathedral in Mdina. Legacy [ edit ] Despite being less well known than the 1565 siege, according to some historians, the 1429 siege was worse because the Maltese fought the invaders alone, without any foreign help.

  2. Siege of Paris (1429) - Wikipedia

    The siege of Paris was an assault undertaken in September 1429 during the Hundred Years' War by the troops of the recently crowned King Charles VII of France, with the notable presence of Joan of Arc, to take the city held by the English and the Burgundians.

    • 3–8 September 1429
    • Paris, France
    • English and Burgundian victory
  3. Loire Campaign (1429) - Wikipedia

    Then, Joan and John II, Duke of Alençon marched to capture Jargeau from the Earl of Suffolk. The English had 700 troops to face 1,200 French troops. Then, a battle began with a French assault on the suburbs.

    • 12 October 1428 – 18 June 1429
    • Decisive French victory, March to Reims
  4. Siege of Orléans - Wikipediaéans

    The Siege of Orléans (12 October 1428 – 8 May 1429) was the watershed of the Hundred Years' War between France and England. It was the French royal army's first major military victory to follow the crushing defeat at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, and also the first while Joan of Arc was with the army.

    • 12 October 1428 – 8 May 1429 (6 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
    • Orléans, central France
    • Decisive French victory
  5. 1429 – Wikipedie

    Rok 1429 (MCDXXIX) gregoriánského kalendáře začal ve čtvrtek 1. ledna a skončil ve čtvrtek 31. prosince. Dle židovského kalendáře nastal přelom roků 5189 a 5190, dle islámského kalendáře 850 a 851. Události. Johanka z Arku vstupuje do Remeše.

  6. 1429 - Wikipedia

    1429 Dâ Wikipedia, la nciclupidìa lìbbira. St'artìculu è sulu un abbozzu (stub). Siddu vuliti, putiti ammigghiuràrilu secunnu li cumminzioni dâ Wikipedia.

  7. 巴黎围城战 (1429年) - 维基百科,自由的百科全书巴黎围城战_(1429年)

    1429年8月15日,法軍在蒙泰皮盧瓦戰役逼退貝德福德公爵。 8月26日聖女貞德與 阿朗松公爵 奪下巴黎北部的城鎮 聖但尼 。 8月28日,查理七世簽下 康白尼 休戰協議,但不包含早先被奪下的聖但尼、 聖克盧 、 萬塞訥 、 沙朗通 ,以及 巴黎 [1] 。

  8. List of peers 1420–1429 - Wikipedia–1429

    1429: Died Elizabeth Dunbar, 8th Countess of Moray: 1429: 1455: Earl of Orkney (1379) William Sinclair, Earl of Orkney: 1410: 1476: Earl of Buchan (1382) John Stewart, Earl of Buchan: 1406: 1424: Died Robert Stewart, Earl of Buchan: 1424: 1431: Earl of Angus (1389) William Douglas, 2nd Earl of Angus: 1403: 1437: Earl of Crawford (1398 ...

  9. パリ包囲戦 (1429年) - Wikipediaパリ包囲戦_(1429年)

    1429年8月26日、モンテピヨワの戦いに勝利したジャンヌとアランソン公は、パリの北側にあるサン=ドニを占領した。9月あたま、シャルル7世はパリ近郊のサン=ロックの丘 に陣を設営した。

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