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  1. Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 97 - Wikipedia

    See Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 96#Missing section edit links on a diff and bugzilla:33671. PrimeHunter 11:33, 6 February 2012 (UTC) Yes, this used to be possible and was recently broken. You can still edit from a diff if you transclude a special page onto the page, though no one knows why.

  2. “Torture: The Use of Solitary Confinement in U.S. Prisons ...

    A visit to the edit history section of any Wikipedia page shows just how mean and spiteful people can be. There’s a good reason that the site has nicknames for nasty users. But in the end, there’s a code of trust, and it often starts with speaking in that code.

  3. Tinycards - Duolingo

    We are here to share that Tinycards will be disabled on September 1, 2020. This was not an easy decision to make, and we are extremely proud of what we created and accomplished with this beloved standalone flashcards app. Tinycards was built as a learning tool that would be separate from Duolingo, but could be enjoyed by Duolingo’s learners and aid them in their goals.

  4. 39. Caliche is a hardened layer of lime or salt on the surface that is part of a desert soil. Caliche forms due to evaporation and capillary action. 40. Headwaters are the tributaries or other waters that form the source of a river.

  5. A CMS raping WordPress so hard up the ass till there is no tomorrow. I hate that bastardized piece of fuck. “Hey I want you to fix my page and its wordpress. I pay 20 bucks.“ Well fuck you too sir. Wordpress is no cms you wanna be coders. Get back to your fucking photoshop and design something original! Every fucking wp page looks the same.

  6. Debian Packages that Need Lovin'[]=ITA&type[]=ITP&type[]=O...

    download and import Wikipedia page history to a git repo[..] 0 : 0 : 385 : 68 : 68 : RFP: savepagenow: Python wrapper and CLI for's "Save Page Now"[..] 0 : 0 : 386 : 67 : 69 : RFP: dotpagemod: Firefox add-on to load local CSS and JavaScript from you[..] 0 : 0 : 387 : 69 : 69 : RFP: open-in-browser: Firefox add-on to open files ...

  7. Merge into store : store : Code : calibre

    The branch was recently merged into trunk at rev. 15037. And here is the issue I initially wanted to fix: Searching by title is extremely strict. Even when in the store there is a full stop after a title that user has entered the match will fail. Eg. there is a book titled "Władca Barcelony. Tom 2" in publio store.

  8. Debian -- Pacotes requisitados, ordenados por idade

    google-drive-ocamlfuse: FUSE filesystem over Google Drive, requisitado a 1983 dias. php-agavi: powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC paradigm, requisitado a 1983 dias. libjs-jit: interactive data visualizations for the Web, requisitado a 1983 dias. hedgehog: visualisation tool for DNS, requisitado a 1983 dias.

  9. Debian Packages that Need Lovin';desc

    Python wrapper and CLI for's "Save Page Now"[..] 0 : 800 : 1262 : RFP: sauvegarde: Saves files live while beeing created or modified in a d[..] 0 : 801 : 805 : O: sanlock: Shared storage lock manager: 46 : 802 : 1897 : O: sanitizer: The Anomy Mail Sanitizer - an email virus scanner: 34 : 803 : 1326 : RFP: samplicator: sending copies ...

  10. MAME SVN History

    - Added `mg_template()` API function for generating HTML pages from: 34: templates with expansions: 35 - Fixed `struct mg_connection::local_ip` handling, `mg_set_option()` 36: behavior with NULL values: 37 - Added `mg_send_file()` call to send arbitrary file to the client: 38 - Added `mg_terminate_ssl()` for SSL termination functionality: 39

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