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      • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Formula 1430 was founded in 1971 as the Formula Nacional. It was a junior formula racing series based in Spain.,a%20junior%20formula%20racing%20series%20based%20in%20Spain.
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    The Formula 1430 is an open chassis formula. Every manufacturer based in Spain is allowed to design and build a Formula 1430 car. The only engine allowed is the SEAT 1430 engine. The engines performance is raised to 75hp. The cars use a gearbox coming out of a SEAT 600 or SEAT 850.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Continental V-1430) The Continental XI-1430 Hyper engine (often identified as the IV-1430) was a liquid-cooled aircraft engine developed in the United States by a partnership between the US Army Air Corps and Continental Motors.

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    1430: Vincenzo FoppaItalian painter (died 1515) 1430: Matteo di Giovanni – Italian Renaissance artist from the Sienese School (died 1495) 1430: Francesco Laurana – Dalmatian-born sculptor and medallist (died 1502) 1430: Pier Antonio Mezzastris – Italian painter of the Umbrian school of painting (died 1506)

  4. CJCL - Wikipedia

    The station first aired on February 21, 1951 as CKFH; operating at 1400 kHz, it was a news and sports station owned by legendary Canadian broadcaster Foster Hewitt (the "FH" of the call sign). The station moved to the 1430 AM frequency in 1960, increasing power first to 5,000, then 10,000 and finally 50,000 watts.

  5. The Formula 1430 was founded in 1971 as the Formula Nacional. It was a junior formula racing series based in Spain.

  6. Siege of Thessalonica (1422–1430) - Wikipedia

    The siege of Thessalonica between 1422 and 1430 saw the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Murad II capture the city of Thessalonica, which remained in Ottoman hands for the next five centuries, until it became part of the Kingdom of Greece in 1912.

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    KZQZ was a commercial radio station that was licensed to serve St. Louis, Missouri at 1430 AM, and broadcast from 1922 to 2020. As WEB it was one of the first radio stations to have been established and licensed in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area, and used the callsign WIL for most of 1925 to 2008. The Federal Communications Commission revoked the license for the station and its three co-owned stations in March 2020 after discovering that a convicted felon had effective control of the st

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    Sep 19, 2014 · This Year in Wikipedia . Year 1430, Wikipedia.. See Also. This Year in History Segment; 1429 (Previous Year) ; 1431 (Next Year) ; References ↑ Grun, Bernard. The Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events.

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    Recall: Taylor series expansion A function f can be represented by an infinite series of its derivatives at a single point a: Approximation of f(x) = ex centered at f(0) Wikipedia As we care about window centered, we set a = 0 (MacLaurin series)

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    近鉄1430系電車(高安-恩智間で撮影) 2006年7月撮影。 機材:C5050Z 撮影後トリミング・リサイズ; 出典 投稿者自身による作品 作成日時 作者 Kansai explorer. 著作権・使用制限