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  1. Formula 1430 - Wikipedia

    The Formula 1430 is an open chassis formula. Every manufacturer based in Spain is allowed to design and build a Formula 1430 car. The only engine allowed is the SEAT 1430 engine. The engines performance is raised to 75hp. The cars use a gearbox coming out of a SEAT 600 or SEAT 850.

  2. Continental XI-1430 - Wikipedia

    Only twenty-three I-1430 series engines were delivered, later redesignated the XI-1430 to indicate the purely experimental use. A 24-cylinder H-style engine, the XH-2860, based on the XI-1430 was designed but probably not built. Specifications (I-1430-1) Data from Aircraft Engines of the World 1946. General characteristics

  3. 1430s in art - Wikipedia

    Events. 1430: Considered end of Medieval art art period.; 1430: First use of optical methods in the creation of art. 1430s: The engraver known as the Master of the Playing Cards becomes active in south-western Germany and Switzerland.

  4. Siege of Thessalonica (1422–1430) - Wikipedia–Venetian_War...

    In early 1430, Murad was able to concentrate his forces against Thessalonica, taking it by storm on 29 March 1430. The privations of the siege and the subsequent sack reduced the city to a shadow of its former self, from perhaps as many as 40,000 inhabitants to c. 2,000 , and necessitated large-scale resettlement in the following years.

    • June 1422 – 29 March 1430
    • Ottoman victory, capture of the city
  5. SEAT 1430 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    1430 Especial 1600: 960 kg [2] 1430 Especial 1800: 960 kg [2] ... Evolución del SEAT 1430. Se Comercializaron 3 series del modelo, el cual iban surgiendo con leves ...

    • 1969-1975 (6 años), 255.414 unidades[1]​
    • SEAT
  6. 1975 World Series - Wikipedia

    The 1975 World Series was the championship series of Major League Baseball's (MLB) 1975 season.The 72nd edition of the World Series, it was a best-of-seven playoff played between the American League (AL) champion Boston Red Sox and the National League (NL) champion Cincinnati Reds.

  7. BMW 1 Series (E87) - Wikipedia

    The BMW 1 Series M Coupe (often referred to as the "1M") is the high-performance model of the E82 coupe range, sold under the BMW M performance sub-brand. While BMW naming convention would have called the car the "M1", an alternate name was chosen to avoid confusion with the 1970s BMW M1 supercar.

  8. 2016 Wimbledon Championships -

    The 2016 Wimbledon Championships was a Grand Slam tennis tournament which took place at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom. The main dra

  9. BMW 3 Series (F30) - Wikipedia

    BMW also introduced a separate hatchback model under the 3 Series nameplate called the '3 Series Gran Turismo'. The F30 is the first generation of 3 Series to be powered by a range of turbocharged engines exclusively and electric power steering (replacing the hydraulic power steering systems used previously). [1]

  10. BMW 4 Series (F32) - Wikipedia

    The concept car was designed by Won Kyu Kang. Nicolas Huet was the lead designer of the F32 coupe. Official details of the "Concept 4 Series" were released in December 2012, detailing the intention to replace the E92 3 Series coupé with a new 4 Series line.