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  1. Time Squad - Wikipedia

    The series premiered during Cartoon Network's marathon block "Cartoon Cartoon Summer" on June 8, 2001, and ended after two seasons on November 26, 2003, airing 26 episodes in total. In the course of its run, the series received five Annie Award nominations. Creator Dave Wasson described the series as "a C-student's guide to history".

    • Dave Wasson, Carlos Ramos, Michael Karnow
    • Dave Wasson, Larry Leichliter (co-director, 7 episodes)
  2. Dawson's Creek (2003 series finale): The characters meet once again. Dawson, now 25, is the creator of a television series, The Creek, based on his life. The 2007 series of Doctor Who: Present time (such as "Smith and Jones") is primarily set in 2008.

  3. The Dr. Oz Show - Wikipedia

    The series is hosted by Dr. Oz and debuted in 2009. The Dr. Oz Show has received nine Daytime Emmy Awards during its run, five for Outstanding Informative Talk Show and four for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host, as well as criticism for some of its subject matter.

    • United States
    • Talk show
    • English
    • Mehmet Oz
  4. The real history behind Game of Thrones - Showmax Stories

    Sep 13, 2017 · Cersei Lannister / Queen Margaret of Anjou (1430-1482) Sources: HBO / Wikipedia There are many strong women in history but an apt comparison for Cersei is Queen Margaret of Anjou, who was known as the She-Wolf of France and was one of the most influential women in The War of the Roses.

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    Episode is slightly incomplete (a section near the beginning is missing), and as a daytime syndicated series it runs shorter than a prime-time series of the era. In this show, there are game show segments, fashion shows, and a song. Topics: Classic TV, Television, 1960s, Fashion, Game show, The Big Payoff, Syndicated television

  6. The Presidency of Donald Trump - A Dedicated Thread (Series ...

    In George Washington's Expense Account -- the best-selling expense account in history -- Kitman shows how Washington brilliantly turned his noble gesture of refusing payment for his services as commander in chief of the Continental Army into an opportunity to indulge his insatiable lust for fine food and drink, extravagant clothing, and lavish accommodations.

  7. Cartoons that were good yet canceled | NeoGAF

    Mar 13, 2009 · These episodes were only in the very early concept stages (Or various stages of production) at the time of the series' cancellation. They did not even enter the production or animation stage. Disney never confirmed if they had been completed nor why they were never aired.

  8. Spartacus: War of the Damned - the conclusion of a ... - NeoGAF

    Jan 21, 2013 · Amazing series. Great series finale. Entire credit sequence, very well done. All those familiar faces. Those "feels". Whole thing just makes me sad. Maybe I'll watch it again in a few years. I hate the way I feel after getting invested in a show like that and then it comes to an end. But I couldn't imagine not having watched it.

  9. Internet Personality + Review Thread 3.0+1.0: You can (not ...

    They wanted to have Korra wrestle with 4 different brands of dangerous extremism (Amon= commie-flavored racial prejudice, Unalaq= traditionalist theocracy, Zaheer= philosophical anarchism and Kuvira= nationalistic fascism), one season each. Any of those could have been fodder for a whole series. They didn't slouch, I'll give them that.

  10. Feb 05, 2011 · Nice article Emperor AAdmin. The Antikythera mechanism made by ancient Greek mechanicians and used by Greek sailors, Stonehenge made probably from Mycenaeans(as they found to its stones bas-reliefs of Mycenaean knives), the statues of Easter Island made probably from proto-Mediterranean dolichocephalic Greeks(the Gods had black beards etc) and the Piri Reis map came from Byzantine times and ...