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  1. Twincharger - Wikipedia

    There are two common types of twincharger systems: series and parallel. Series. The series arrangement, the more common arrangement of twinchargers, is set up such that one compressor's (turbo or supercharger) output feeds the inlet of another. A sequentially organized supercharger is connected to a medium- to large-sized turbocharger.

  2. Pi - Wikipedia

    Several infinite series are described, including series for sine, tangent, and cosine, which are now referred to as the Madhava series or Gregory–Leibniz series. Madhava used infinite series to estimate π to 11 digits around 1400, but that value was improved on around 1430 by the Persian mathematician Jamshīd al-Kāshī , using a polygonal ...

  3. Doctor Who Polystyle comic strip - Wikipedia

    The Doctor Who Polystyle comic strip was the first comic strip devoted to the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, and the first original spin-off media from the show. The strip was launched in TV Comic on 14 November 1964, less than a year after the television series began broadcasting.

  4. List of Renault engines - Wikipedia

    Multiple usage of the Renault H series resp. Nissan HR name plates may cause some confusion because both families offer a three-cylinder 1.0L version and another 1.2L version with 3 resp. 4 cylinders. It appears to be that the earlier engine was named HR10 (bore 78mm x 69.7 mm stroke) while the later got HRA0 (72.2 x 83.1) resp. the earlier was ...

  5. Toyota Soarer - Wikipedia

    The Toyota Soarer (Japanese: トヨタ・ソアラ, Hepburn: Toyota Soara) is a personal luxury GT coupé produced from 1981 to 2005 by Toyota and sold in Japan. It was available at both Japanese Toyota dealerships called Toyota Store and Toyopet Store, and it debuted with the Z10 series, replacing the Toyopet Store exclusive Mark II coupé, and the Toyota Store exclusive Crown coupé.

  6. Daihatsu Fellow Max - Wikipedia

    1980 saw the introduction of the parallel commercial series Daihatsu Mira, while the name "Max" finally disappeared entirely from the Cuore. In Japan, the 1979 Max Cuore was available as Standard (two-door), Deluxe (two or four doors), Custom (four-door), Hi-Custom (two or four doors), and Hi-Custom EX (four-door).

  7. Kawasaki ER-5 - Wikipedia

    The ER5 has a non-adjustable female slider front fork, with 36 mm diameter tubes on the A series and 37 mm on the C series. The rear has a dual-shock swingarm with adjustable pre-load. The rear has a dual-shock swingarm with adjustable pre-load.

  8. Exmouth - Wikipedia

    A more permanent dock was built in 1825, replacing a series of apparently seasonal docks first noted on maps from 1576 as "The Docke". New docks designed by Eugenius Birch were opened in 1868, and a short line connected them to the railway goods yard. [6]

  9. Iver - Wikipedia

    Black Park Country Park & Langley Park Country Park. Black Park adjoins the Pinewood Studio complex. It has a lake that extends over 13 acres (5.3 ha). Due to its proximity to Pinewood Studios, Black Park was used for outdoor sequences in some of Hammer's Dracula films, a number of Carry On films, the Gerry Anderson Sci Fi series UFO and in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger.

  10. పంచతంత్రం - వికీపీడియాపంచతంత్రం

    Hertel, Johannes (1912), The Panchatantra-text of Pūrṇabhadra : critical introduction and list of variants, Harvard Oriental Series Volume 12 Hertel, Johannes (1912), The Panchatantra-text of Pūrṇabhadra and its relation to texts of allied recensions as shown in parallel specimens , Harvard Oriental Series Volume 13

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