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  1. KDC to JPG: convert kdc to jpg for free online

    JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group: File extension.kdc.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe: MIME type: image/jpeg: Developed by: Kodak: Joint Photographic Experts Group: Type of format: lossy image format: Description: KDC files are RAW camera files, taken by digital cameras manufactured by Kodak. This file, also known as the Kodak Photogen file, contains ...

  2. WEBP to JPS: convert webp to jps for free online

    This file is a stereoscopic JPEG image that is used to create 3D effects from 2D images. The file includes two static images one for each eye encoded as two side-by-side images in a single JPG file. Stereo pictures store two copies of the same image, but with slight variations or perspectives from each other.

  3. Portal:History/Recognized content - Wikipedia

    This is a list of recognized content, updated weekly by JL-Bot (talk · contribs).There is no need to edit the list yourself. If an article is missing from the list, make sure it is tagged (e.g. {{WikiProject History}}) or categorized correctly.

  4. unicode - FPDF utf-8 encoding (HOW-TO) - Stack Overflow

    I use FPDF for ASP, and the iconv function is not available. It seems strange, by I solved the UTF-8 problem by adding a fake image (an 1x1px jpeg) to the pdf, just after the AddPage() function: pdf.Image "images/fpdf.jpg",0,0,1 In this way, accented characters are correctly added to my pdf, don't ask me why but it works.

  5. Category:Arabic manuscripts - Wikimedia Commons

    Borrador del tratado de paz entre Aragón y Egipto (1430).pdf 1,241 × 1,754, 112 pages; 35.32 MB Brief Explanation of the “Safeguards of Transmission” of Guidance to the True Path WDL6901.pdf 1,035 × 1,529, 184 pages; 6.62 MB

  6. Category:Scenes from Thebaid - cut up panel of Fra Angelico ...

    Media in category "Scenes from Thebaid - cut up panel of Fra Angelico" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. Fra Angelico and workshop - Reconstruction Thebaide - 1430-1435.jpg 1,204 × 590; 292 KB

  7. API Reference - GitHub Pages

    pdf object required if content_type is 13. Schedule associated with the campaign . restaurant_menu object required if content_type is 14. Schedule associated with the campaign . phone object required if content_type is 4. Schedule associated with the campaign . sms object required if content_type is 4. Schedule associated with the campaign

  8. Aminet - comm/www/netsurf-m68k.lha

    NetSurf CSS capable web browser for AmigaOS 3.x ported by Artur Jarosik Original authors: NetSurf contributors Email: arturjarosik gmail/com NetSurf is the only CSS capable web browser on AmigaOS 3.x also available for many other platforms including RiscOS, Linux, Haiku and Atari.

  9. Old DokuWiki Bug Archive

    FS#685 – Wikipedia InterWiki shortcut problem; FS#684 – CSharp String Formatting. Literal strings are not interpreted correctly. FS#683 – Jpeg Meta Data Changes Fail on Windows; FS#682 – How to report documentation errors; FS#681 – Uploads check mime type of id instead of file; FS#680 – File system disclosure on plugin page

  10. c++ - What is the difference between ImageMagick and ...

    IM supports the much-requested option to specify a maximum filesize when writing JPEG files, -define jpeg:extent=400KB for example. Polar coordinate transforms IM supports conversion between cartesian and polar coordinates, see -distort polar and -distort depolar .

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