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  1. Aminet - comm/www/netsurf-m68k.lha

    In short: new cache makes NS two to three times faster. * Updated libpng to 1.2.43. * Updated libz to 1.2.4. * Updated libsdl_image to 1.2.10. * Updated getvideo to 0.25 (by Juergen Lucas). * New option 'charset' - put here character set of your country for a proper local text display. Default is ISO-8859-2.

  2. Mac OS X Server 10.3 - Macintosh Garden

    Macintosh Server software 10.3 (Panther) Released: October 24, 2003. The 10.3 Mac OS X Server release includes updated Open Directory user and file management, which with this release is based on LDAP, beginning the deprecation of the NeXT-originated NetInfo architecture.