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  1. Modeling Popularity and Reliability of Sources in ...

    One of the most important factors impacting quality of content in Wikipedia is presence of reliable sources. By following references, readers can verify facts or find more details about described topic. A Wikipedia article can be edited independently in any of over 300 languages, even by anonymous users, therefore information about the same topic may be inconsistent. This also applies to use ...

  2. and 1,430 that are considered hate speech, making it the only corpus in our study imbalanced in favor of the positive class. B. Racism and Sexism The authors of [4] designed a list of slurs and terms identifying religious, sexual, gender, and ethnic minorities. They then sampled Twitter for tweets using these words, and

  3. unicode - FPDF utf-8 encoding (HOW-TO) - Stack Overflow

    How do I create PDF's in FPDF that support Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.? (snapshots of code in use below) I'd like to provide: a summary of the problem, the solution, a github project with the working code, and an online example with the expected, resultant PDF.

  4. CACM: Vol 50, No 9 - ACM Digital Library

    The meaning and implementation of the term "computing" has changed greatly since ACM was first organized 60 years ago.

  5. 1431 – Wikipedia

    Gregoriaans kalender: 1431 MCDXXXI: Ab urbe condita: 2184 Armeensk kalender: 880 . ԹՎ ՊՁ. Schineesk kalender: 4127 – 4128 . 丁戌 – 戊亥 Etiopisk kalender

  6. (PDF) COP of refrigerants in heat pumps

    In the case of R134a, GWP is 1430 f or 100 years, ie. it has 1430 increased risk due to the green house e ffect of the atmosphere for 100 years than CO 2.

  7. OpenCL Basics - Forschungszentrum Jülich

    GFLOPs (DP) 78 665 1317 1430 Memory bandwidth [GB/sec] 102 177 250 288 # of registers (per SM/SMX) 16384 32768 65536 65536 Shared mem. (per SM/X) [KB] 32 16–48 16–48 16–48 L1–cache (per SM/SMX) [KB] 0 16–48 16–48 16–48 L2–cache [KB] 0 768 1536 1536 Max threads per SM/SMX 1024 1536 2048 2048 Max blocks per SM/SMX 8 8 16 16

  8. Imprimare 3D - Wikipedia

    Modelele tipărite 3D pot fi create cu ajutorul unui pachet de proiectare asistată de calculator (din engleză de la Computer-aided Design), prin intermediul unui scanner 3D sau printr-un software digital simplu și fotogrammetric.

  9. 케플러-푸앵소 다면체 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전케플러-푸앵소_다면체

    작은 별모양 십이면체는 1430년에 파올로 우첼로가 기여한 베니스의 산마르코 대성당의 바닥 모자이크에 묘사되어 있다. 벤첼 얌니처는 1568년에 출간된 판목에 관한 그의 책 Perspectiva corporum regularium (정다면체의 관점, Perspectives of the regular solids)을 출판하였다.

  10. Microsoft Lumia – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

    1430 1560 1905 1830 2200 2420 Có thể tháo rời Có Có Có Có Có Có Có Có Có Có Không Công nghệ Lithium-ion: Máy ảnh: Lumia 430: Lumia 435: Lumia 530: Lumia 532: Lumia 535: Lumia 630: Lumia 635: Lumia 730: Lumia 735: Lumia 830: Lumia 930: Máy ảnh trước Khẩu độ f/2.8 f/2.7 Không có: f/2.7 f/2.5 Không có: Không ...