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  1. Dartford - Wikipedia

    Dartford became a market town in medieval times and, although today it is principally a commuter town for Greater London, it has a long history of religious, industrial and cultural importance. It is an important rail hub; the main through-road now by-passes the town itself. Dartford is twinned with Hanau in Germany and Gravelines in France.

  2. Also, at The 33rd annual Korean Association of Film Critics Awards held on November 29, The Face Reader also won three awards for Best Male Actor, Best New Actor, and Best Music Score. Historic background. King Munjong (1414–1452), the fifth King of the Joseon Dynasty, succeeded King Sejong in

  3. List of James Bond films - Wikipedia

    James Bond is a fictional character created by the novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. Bond is a British secret agent working for MI6 who also answers to his codename, 007. He has been portrayed on film by the actors Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, in twenty-seven productions.

  4. The Seventh Seal - Wikipedia

    The Seventh Seal (Swedish: Det sjunde inseglet) is a 1957 Swedish historical fantasy film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman.Set in Sweden during the Black Death, it tells of the journey of a medieval knight (Max von Sydow) and a game of chess he plays with the personification of Death (Bengt Ekerot), who has come to take his life.

  5. Bastard - Wikipedia

    Bastard, a Polish-German-French film I bastardi ( The Bastards ), the original Italian title of the 1968 film released in English as The Cats The Bastard (1963 film) , a Japanese youth film directed by Seijun Suzuki

  6. Rambling 'Round Radio Row - Wikipedia'Round_Radio_Row

    Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1932 - 1934) is a series of short subjects, produced by Jerry Wald, and released by the Vitaphone division of Warner Brothers.The final film in the series, released 1934, was #3 of the second season, and starred Morton Downey, Baby Rose Marie, The Harmoniacs, and Harriet Lee.

  7. Orban - Wikipedia

    Orban, also known as Urban (Hungarian: Orbán; died 1453), was an iron founder and engineer from Brassó, Transylvania, in the Kingdom of Hungary (today Brașov, Romania), who cast large-calibre artillery for the Ottoman siege of Constantinople in 1453.

  8. Oskar za najboljši mednarodni celovečerni film - Wikipedija ...ši...

    Oskar za najboljši mednarodni celovečerni film (uradno angleško Academy Award for Best International Feature Film) je nagrada, ki jo vsako leto podeljuje Ameriška filmska akademija v sklopu podelitve oskarjev za celovečerni film, izdelan izven Združenih držav Amerike in z dialogi pretežno v jeziku, ki ni angleščina.

  9. Death by boiling - Wikipedia

    Death by boiling is a method of execution in which a person is killed by being immersed in a boiling liquid. While not as common as other methods of execution, boiling to death has been practised in many parts of Europe and Asia. Due to the lengthy process, death by boiling is an extremely painful method of execution.

  10. Konstantinápoly ostroma (1453) – Wikipédiaápoly_eleste

    Konstantinápoly 1453-as elestének fő oka a 15. század első felében Anatóliában egyre nagyobb hatalommá váló Oszmán Birodalom terjeszkedése volt, amely sorban foglalta el a szétesőben lévő Bizánci Birodalom kis-ázsiai területeit, és megjelent Konstantinápoly falai előtt is.