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    Feb 27, 2016 · Media in category "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in art" The following 31 files are in this category, out of 31 total. 2018-11-03 WAF in Salzburg Leute 11.jpg 3,312 × 5,902; 13.5 MB

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    Media in category "Letters by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Brief Mozarts an Nannerl - 1770-11-3.jpeg 1,005 × 1,044; 374 KB

  3. Strasbourg - Wikipedia

    It is not related to Mozart's ulterior stay in Strasbourg (1778), where he gave three concert performances on the piano. Havergal Brian's Symphony No. 7 was inspired by passages in Goethe's memoirs recalling his time spent at Strasbourg University. The work ends with an orchestral bell sounding the note E, the strike-note of the bell of ...

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    Feb 11, 2017 · Pages from English Wikipedia with more than 1000 hits in Feb 2004. ... 4039 Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart; 4032 Marilyn_Chambers; ... 1456 1932; 1456 Electronics;

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    The first known reference to Farumgård is from 1370 when it was a farm under the Bishop Seat in Roskilde. It was the administrative centre of their possessions around the villages of Farum, Lynge and Lillerød. From 1456 and for the next hundred years, the estate was held in fee by members of the Skovgaard family.

  6. St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna - Wikipedia

    St. Stephen's Cathedral (more commonly known by its German title: Stephansdom) is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, OP.

  7. Siege of Sarajevo - Wikipediačić

    The Siege of Sarajevo was the siege of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the longest of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. After being initially besieged by the forces of the Yugoslav People's Army, Sarajevo was besieged by the Army of Republika Srpska from 5 April 1992 to 29 February 1996 (1,425 days) during the Bosnian War.

  8. Leo Bauer - Wikipedia

    Leo Bauer, quoted by Nina Grunenberg in 1984 At school, while still only fourteen, Bauer was influenced by a teacher who was a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) to join the Young Socialists ( "Sozialistische Arbeiter-Jugend" ) in 1927.

  9. History of Bratislava - Wikipedia

    Bratislava (Hungarian: Pozsony, German: Pressburg), currently the capital of Slovakia and the country's largest city, has existed for about a thousand years. Due to the city's strategic geographical location, it was an important European hub due to its proximity to the advanced cultures of the Mediterranean and the Orient as well as its link to the rest of Europe, which were possible by the ...

  10. Jerman - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

    Universitas Heidelberg adalah yang tertua (berdiri 1386), kemudian diikuti Universitas Leipzig (1409), Universitas Rostock (1419), Universitas Greifswald (1456), Universitas Freiburg (1457), LMU Munich (1472) dan Universitas Tübingen (1477). Kebanyakan universitas di Jerman fokus pada pengajaran daripada penelitian.

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