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  1. 1481 - Wikipedia, Ensaeklopedia ya mahala

    1481 ebile ngwaga wa go thoma ka Mokibelo, ngwaga wa bobedi ngwagengsome wa 1480s, ngwaga wa bomasomeseswai tee ngwagengkgolo wa Ngwagakgolo 15, le ngwaga wa bomakgolo nne masomeseswai tee ngwagengkete wa Ngwagakete 2

  2. 1447 - Wikipedia, Ensaeklopedia ya mahala

    1447 ebile ngwaga wa go thoma ka Labohlano, ngwaga wa boseswai ngwagengsome wa 1440s, ngwaga wa bomasomenne šupa ngwagengkgolo wa Ngwagakgolo 15, le ngwaga wa bomakgolo nne masomenne šupa ngwagengkete wa Ngwagakete 2

  3. 1470s - Wikidata

    nsowiki 1470s; ocwiki Ans 1470; pawiki 1470 ਦਾ ਦਹਾਕਾ; ptwiki Década de 1470; quwiki 1470 watakuna; rowiki Anii 1470; ruwiki 1470-е годы; sahwiki 1470-с; scnwiki 1470ini; shwiki 1470-e; simplewiki 1470s; skwiki 70. roky 15. storočia; slwiki 1470. sqwiki Vitet 1470; srwiki 1470-е; suwiki 1470-an; svwiki 1470-talet; swwiki ...

  4. Category:Abazalwa nge-1470s - Wikipedia

    Subcategories. This category has only the following subcategory. # Abazalwa nge-1475‎ (KHA 1)

  5. Kategori:1470'lerde çatışmalar - Vikipedi'lerde...

    Wikimedia Commons'ta 1470s conflicts ile ilgili ortam dosyaları bulunmaktadır. Bu kategori 1470'lerde çatışmalar içindir. Alt kategoriler.

  6. Vlad the Impaler - Wikipedia

    Vlad III, Prince o Wallachie (1431 – 1476), mair commonly kent as Vlad the Impaler (Romanian: Vlad Ţepeș pronounced [ˈvlad ˈt͡sepeʃ] or simply as Dracula, wis a three-time Voivode o Wallachie, rulin mainly frae 1456 tae 1462.

  7. A definitive Medici marker on the CVI page of swords? - Page ...

    I guess, that the original picture (Toscanelli) is from the 1470s and Cosimo is then already dead. "paolo del pozzo toscanelli (1397-1482) et marsilio ficino (1433-1499), d’après le tableau de G. Vasari à Florence."

  8. 20+ Best ART: Franz Xaver Winterhalter images | franz xaver ...

    May 6, 2017 - Franz Xaver Winterhalter was a German painter and lithographer, known for his portraits of royalty in the mid-nineteenth century. His name has become associated with fashionable court portraiture.

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    <p>Watch free English dubbed anime online instantly in HD without ads. The island lies in a very convenient geographical position, putting us betwe...One (1) guy and his entourage of lady friends use their sexual powers to fight humanoid bugs called Kiseishuu that threaten to sap all the sexy time energy out of the populous!― It's finally time for the Battle of Nicks as Nicholas

  10. The Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting, 1200-1500 Posted on: June 27th, 2020 by myko The Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting 1200-1500