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    FAs exemplify Wikipedia's very best work and satisfy the FA criteria. All editors are welcome to review nominations ; please see the review FAQ . Before nominating an article, nominators may wish to receive feedback by listing it at Peer review .

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    I like the explanation about the word’s origin and current meaning. Although I would move its current meaning to the beginning, where you talk about the word’s origin. That way it will probably feel more connected, following a bit on Ashley’s feedback.

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    As Cartagena is being traduced, most people go for the name "New Carthago", as eg. New York, New Jersey, etc., meaning a copy of a city in the colonisator's country. The history of Cartagena - Spain might be quite similar as being the "New" edition of an existing name in the country of origin.

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    Across the global South, new media technologies have brought about new forms of cultural production, distribution and reception. The spread of cassette recorders in the 1970s; the introduction of analogue and digital video formats in the 80s and 90s; the pervasive availability of recycled computer hardware; the global dissemination of the internet and mobile phones in the new millennium: all ...

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    Whereas, of course, in orthodox understanding, you move from the Old Testament to the New. Jesus says at various times in the gospels that Moses said one thing in the Old Testament, ‘But I say to you ….’. He is updating the true meaning of the Old Testament in the New. The Wife is ignoring this, conveniently.

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    (slang) a neighborhood (slang) a neighborhood; large American thrush having a rust-red breast and abdomen (同)American robin, Turdus migratorius; small Old World songbird with a reddish breast (同)redbreast, robin_redbreast, Old World robin, Erithacus rubecola; PrepTutorEJDIC

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    9780736920117 0736920110 The Concise Guide to Today's Religions and Spirituality - Includes Hundreds of Definitions of*Sects, cults, and Occult Organizations *Alternative Spiritual Beliefs *Christian Denominations *Leaders, Teachings, and Practices, James K. Walker 9780814654903 0814654908 Targums of Job, Proverbs, and Qohelet, C. Mangan

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    9780859543422 0859543420 Ground and Packaged Spices - Options and Difficulties in Processing at Origin, A. Hone, M. Milchard 9780791432921 0791432920 Lessons From the Recession - A Management and Communication Perspective, Sarah Sanderson King, Donald P. Cushman

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    9780631196778 0631196773 Belief and Meaning - The Unity and Locality of Mental Content, Akeel Bilgrami 9780451194671 0451194675 The Unlikely Angel, Nadine Miller 9780548498705 0548498709 The Forayers - Or The Raid Of The Dog-Days, W. Gilmore SIMMs 9780720213812 0720213819 Moves - Topic Bk.: Family, Susan Quilliam

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    9780521855303 0521855306 Regulation through Revelation - The Origin, Politics, and Impacts of the Toxics Release Inventory Program, James T. Hamilton 9780824094447 0824094441 Waltharius, and Ruodlieb, Ekkehard I, Dennis M. Kratz 9780345361523 0345361520 Double Duty, Black

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