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    The 14th century BC is a century which lasted from the year 1400 BC until 1301 BC. Near East in 1400 BCE. Events. The northern Colossus of Memnon.

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    As a means of recording the passage of time, the 14th century was a century lasting from January 1, 1301, through December 31, 1400. The term is often used to refer to the 1300s, the century between 1300 and 1399. It is estimated that the century witnessed the death of more than 45 million lives from political and natural disasters in both Europe and the Mongol Empire. West Africa and the Indian Subcontinent experienced economic growth and prosperity. In Europe, the Black Death claimed 25 millio

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    Jun 28, 2018 · English: The 14th century BC started the first day of 1400 BC and ended the last day of 1301 BC. Siglo XIV a. C. (es); 14. öldin f.Kr. (is); Abad ke-14 SM (ms); 14th century BC (en-gb); 14 век пр.н.е. (bg); Secolul al XIV-lea î.Hr. (ro); 前14世紀 (zh-hk); 14. storočie pred Kr.

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    • 2nd millennium BC
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    14th century BC by country‎ (1 C) ... 14th century by country‎ (91 C) ... Centuries in Canada‎ (18 C, 2 P)

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    In the Late Bronze Age, Hittite New Kingdom (c. 1650 BC) was founded, becoming an empire in the 14th century BC after the conquest of Kizzuwatna in the south-east and the defeat of the Assuwa league in western Anatolia.

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    1497 - Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot, 1450–98), a Venetian in English service, during a voyage underwritten by Bristol merchants, claims Newfoundland for England on June 24, laying the basis for English claims to Canada and inspiring a series of further explorations.

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    The 13th century BC was the period from 1300 to 1201 BC.. Millennium: 2nd millennium BC Centuries: 14th century BC 13th century BC 12th century BC Timelines:

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