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  1. World History Timeline: 14th Century (1301 to 1400) › time › ce14

    14th Century, 1301 to 1400 1303 Church power is in decline. Concerned about kings taxing church property, Pope Boniface VIII has issued a papal decree, Unam Sanctam, to maintain Church authority over kings.

  2. 14th Century - Timeline Index › content › select

    1275 - 1342. Scientists. More. Marsilius of Padua, Italian Scholar. Marsilius of Padua was an Italian scholar, trained in medicine who practiced a variety of professions. He was also an important 14th century political figure. His political treatise Defensor pacis is seen by some authorities as the most rev...

  3. Important Events and People of the Fourteenth Century timeline. › timelines › 94963

    Jan 1, 1315, Beginning of Major Storm Patterns and the Little Ice Age Jan 1, 1378, Beginning of Papal Schism Jan 1, 1301, Beginning of the Italian Renaissance Oct 1, 1347, Appearance of the Black Death in Europe

  4. Timeline of 14th-century Muslim history - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_14th-century

    The names of people, battles, and places need to be spelled as they are on other articles title and then wikified. 14th century (1301–1400) (700 AH – 803 AH) 1301: In Bengal, Rukunuddin Kaikaus, the king of Bengal dies and is succeeded by his brother Shamsuddin Firoz Shah.

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  6. Renaissance Period: Timeline, Art & Facts - HISTORY › topics › renaissance

    During the Middle Ages, a period that took place between the fall of ancient Rome in 476 A.D. and the beginning of the 14th century, Europeans made few advances in science and art. Also known as...

  7. List of decades, centuries, and millennia - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_centuries

    This is a list of decades, centuries, and millennia from 10,000 BC to 2030 AD, including links to corresponding articles with more information about them.. For further times see 21st century, 3rd millennium, Timeline of the far future

  8. 1400 - 1300 BC - Bible History › timeline › timeline_1400

    1400 Iron Age develops in western Asia and India 1377 Amenhotep IV ascends to the throne in Egypt 1377 Amenhotep IV introduces sun worship and does away with old gods 1377 Amenhotep IV names himself Akhnaton after Aton the Sun-god

  9. Timeline of Finnish history - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_Finnish_history

    This is a timeline of Finnish history. To read about the background of these events, see History of Finland ... 14th century. Year Date Event 1323:

  10. Timeline of Indian history - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_Indian_history

    This is a timeline of Indian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in India and its predecessor ... 14th century. Year

  11. THE EVOLUTION OF GENRES: A Sideways Look at Literature › timeline › entry

    The RENAISSANCE. The first stirrings of the Renaissance began in the early 14th century in Italy, most notably in Florence. Thinkers embraced the knowledge of Classical Greece, and set upon a path of humanism, science, and art. The movement soon spread around the Continent. View on timeline.

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