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    915 (exact date): Construction begins at Pueblo Bonito, the largest Ancestral Pueblo Great House. 1000: Discovery of Vinland by Leif Ericson and Norse colonization of North America. 1000–1200: Acoma Pueblo and Old Oraibi are established, become the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States.

    • Nahuatl
    • Script
    • Moctezuma IMoctezuma IICuitláhuacCuauhtémoc
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    1300's.....Black Death and Great Famine

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    2nd Millennium AD → 11th Century • 12th Century • 13th Century14th Century • 15th Century • 16th Century • 17th Century • 18th Century • 19th Century • 20th Century. 19th Century → 1800s • 1810s • 1820s • 1830s • 1840s • 1850s • 1860s • 1870s • 1880s • 1890s

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    First 10 billion years Evolution Prehistory Neolithic 5th century BC 4th century BC 3rd century BC 1st century AD 6th century AD 8th century AD 9th century AD 11th century 12th century 13th century 14th century 15th century 16th century 17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century 1900s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s ...

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    James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States (1857-1861). In the 1850s, the question of slavery divided the United States. Hopes ran high that the new President, "Old Buck," might be the man to avert national crisis.

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    1945 - The United Nations was established after the two world wars. 1946 - A political, military, and economic tension developed between the two most influential nations, the United States and the Soviet Union. This was the beginning of the Cold War. 1991 - The Soviet Union disintegrated. The United States became the only superpower in the world.

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    2nd Millennium AD → 11th Century • 12th Century • 13th Century14th Century • 15th Century • 16th Century • 17th Century • 18th Century • 19th Century • 20th Century. 20th Century → 1900s • 1910s • 1920s • 1930s • 1940s • 1950s • 1960s • 1970s • 1980s • 1990s

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    • Before Common Era
    • 3rd Century
    • 8th Century
    • 15th Century
    • 16th Century
    • 19th Century
    • 20th Century
    • 21st Century
    9000 BCE – First Appearance in a Brazilian cave painting.
    5000 BCE – First Appearance in an Icelandic cave painting.
    Ancient Egypt (3100 through 332 BCE):
    Ancient Greece (800 BCE through 142 BCE) – One Greek myth Of the Slender Man concerns the goddess Nyx and god Erebus.
    First Century BCE – According to the Atlantic Historical Review, a Roman citizen serving under Julius Caesar wrote about the murder of friend by a monster that the thesis’ author believes was influ...

    Maya civilization (250 through 1697) – Mayans offer human sacrifices to appease a god living inside Ceiba Trees; after the introduction of Catholicism to Mexico, some conflate this being with the d...

    Between 700 and 1200 – Age of human remains presently found in Norwegian caves, a factual basis for the Withering Walkers Norse myth.

    Aztec Empire (1428 through 1521) – The Slender Man shapeshifts into Aztec priests, as referenced on the Ceiba Trees page.

    1500s – Der Großmann stories circulate.
    1503 – Birth date of child prodigy Josef Franz.
    December 14, 1503 through July 2, 1566 – Life of Nostradamus and associated Conspiracies.
    1510 – Hans Baldung Grien paints the Three Ages of Woman and Death.
    1543 – Abandonment of plagued Halstberg castle and disappearance of Hans Freckenberg, artist of two “Der Ritter” woodcuts.
    1550 – Date of Der Großmann woodcut found in Brandenburg.
    The 1800s:
    December 1, 1809 – According to British Myths, Legends and Unsolved Tales, the body of one of twelve missing children was reported but not found.
    1870s – Date of photographs from LIFE magazine that yielded Small Findings.
    1880 – Date of a journal entry mentioning the Rake.
    August 31 through November 9, 1888 – Crimes committed by Jack the Ripper, whom HABIT of Everyman HYBRID claims to have been.
    1890 through 1934 – Crimes committed by Albert Fish, whom HABIT of Everyman HYBRID claims to have been.

    1906 – Heinrich Kaufmann II of Dark Harvest (Project Egypt) takes a one-year expedition to Egypt in search of the Tablet of Ancient Wisdom, which he ultimately finds and translates; although it and...

    2000 – excavations of Mississippian Mounds, photographs of which produce dark artifacts
    December 9, 2002 – the Fairmount Children’s Home of Everyman HYBRID experiences a condemning fire
    December 12, 2002 – Elizabeth [REDACTED] of Everyman HYBRID is reportedly scheduled to teach Criminology 101 and Creative Writing at the Bucks County Community College
    October 11, 2002 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID reportedly evades police questioning on the murder of one patient’s father
    March 2, 2003 – Doctor Corenthal of Everyman HYBRID reportedly flees a double homicide
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    May 29, 2012 · Timeline of the Middle Ages February 17, 2020 May 29, 2012 by Simon Newman The Middle Ages is referred to the period of European history which marks the fall of Western Roman Empire in the 5th Century and the beginning of the Renaissance or the Age of Discovery in the 15th Century.

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