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    1655 (MDCLV) was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar, the 1655th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 655th year of the 2nd millennium, the 55th year of the 17th century, and the 6th year of the 1650s decade.

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    Wikipedia Pākehā: Kaihautū whenua, 1655; Wikipedia Pākehā: Rārangi kōrero mō te taiao o Aotearoa; BrainyHistory: 1655 ...

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    Other events of 1655: Events from the year 1655 in England. Incumbents. Lord Protector – Oliver Cromwell; Parliament – First Protectorate (until 22 January) ...

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    • Overview
    • Background
    • Invasion
    • Aftermath

    2,400 soldiers: 1,300 lancers 700 regular soldiers 200 marines 200 militias 13,120 soldiers: 7,000 marines 6,000 infantry 120 cavalry 34 ships Casualties and losses 30 dead ~600 dead

    In 1655 the Commonwealth of England, under Oliver Cromwell, decided to declare war on Spain. Religious fanaticism played a role in this, as the puritans running the Commonwealth loathed the Catholicism of Spain. More practically, England had a large standing army with ambitious commanders and Cromwell wished to occupy them with a successful campaign, preferably far from home. In addition it was believed that war with Spain would be both easy and profitable.

    High winds and surf made it difficult for the English to land near their first objective, the city of Santo Domingo. They eventually landed on April 13, 1655. However, the 13,000 Englishmen were put ashore at the mouth of the Nizao River, some thirty miles from the city. It took them four days, short of water, food and military supplies, to make their way to within sight of the city. They were then ambushed and routed by 2–300 local militia. Spanish records assert that some 1,500 British ...

    The British naval historian N.A.M. Rodger notes that "in one afternoon the invincible reputation of the New Model Army had been thrown away". The English left Santo Domingo and sailed for Jamaica, which they successfully conquered in a six-day campaign.

    • April 23–30, 1655
    • Spanish victory, English forces fail to capture Hispaniola
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    Sir Oliver Cromwell KB (c. 1562 – 28 August 1655) was an English landowner, lawyer and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1589 and 1625. . He was the uncle of Oliver Cromwell, the Member of Parliament, general, and Lord Protector of Engla

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    1655 (MDCLV) inggih punika warsa biasa sané katutug rahina Sukra ring kaléndér Grégorian lan warsa biasa sané katutug rahina Some ring kaléndér Julian, warsa ka-1655 ring kaucapang Masehi (M) lan Anno Domini (AD), warsa ka-655 ring Milenium ka-2, warsa ka-55 ring Abad ka-17, lan warsa ka- 6 ringkade 1650-an. Denominasi 1655 antuk warsa puniki sampun kaanggén saking periode Abad Pertengahan awal, dugas Era kalender Anno Domini (Warsa Masehi) dados metode kapara ring Éropa antuk pearanan warsa.

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    1655 - Wikipedia 1655 1655 (MDCLV) lâi normaalihe, mon älgim- já nuuhâmpeivin lâi gregoriaanlâš kalender mield vástuppeivi. Tot lâi 1650-lovo kuuđâd ihe.

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