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    January–June. January 1 – The Abenaki tribe and the Massachusetts colonists sign a treaty, ending the conflict in New England. January 4 – The Palace of Whitehall in London, England is destroyed by fire. January 23 – George Louis (who in 1714 will become King George I of Great Britain) becomes Elector of Hanover.

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    John Jolliffe, English politician and businessman (b. 1613) Trunajaya, Maduran prince and rebel leader, murdered (b. 1649) January 18 – John Hervey, English courtier and politician (b. 1616) January 20 – Ann, Lady Fanshawe, English memoirist (b. 1625) January 23 – Capel Luckyn, English Member of Parliament (b. 1622)

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    1. 1600: Michael the Brave unifies the three Romanian principalities: Wallachia, Moldavia and Translyvania after the Battle of Șelimbărfrom 1599. 2. 1601: Battle of Kinsale, England defeats Irish and Spanish forces at the town of Kinsale, driving the Gaelic aristocracy out of Ireland and destroying the Gaelic clan system. 3. 1601–1603: The Russian famine of 1601–1603kills perhaps one-third of Russia. 4. 1602: Matteo Ricci produces the Map of the Myriad Countries of the World (坤輿萬國全圖, Kūnyú Wà...


    1. 1651: English Civil War ends with the Parliamentarian victory at the Battle of Worcester. 2. 1656–1661: Mehmed Köprülü is Grand Vizier. 3. 1655–1661: The Northern Wars cement Sweden's rise as a Great Power. 4. 1658: After his father Shah Jahan completes the Taj Mahal, his son Aurangzeb deposes him as ruler of the Mughal Empire. 5. 1660: The Commonwealth of England ends and the monarchy is brought back during the English Restoration. 6. 1661: The reign of the Kangxi Emperorof China begins....

    Abbas I of Persia, shah of the Safavid dynasty (1571–1629)
    Ahmed I, sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1590–1617)
    Alexis of Russia, tsar of Russia (1629–1676)
    Anne of Austria, queen consort and regent of France (1601–1666)

    Major changes in philosophy and science take place, often characterized as the Scientific revolution. 1. Banknotesreintroduced in Europe. 2. Ice cream. 3. Tea and coffeebecome popular in Europe. 4. Central Banking in France and modern Finance by Scottish economist John Law. 5. Minarets, Jamé Mosque of Isfahan, Isfahan, Persia(Iran), are built. 6. 1604: Supernova SN 1604 is observed in the Milky Way. 7. 1605: Johannes Kepler starts investigating elliptical orbitsof planets. 8. 1605: Johann Carolusof Germany publishes the 'Relation', the first newspaper. 9. 1608: Refracting telescope's first appear. Dutch spectacle-maker Hans Lippersheytries to obtain a patent on one spreading word of the invention. 10. 1610: The Orion Nebula is identified by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peirescof France. 11. 1610: Galileo Galilei and Simon Marius observe Jupiter's Galilean moons. 12. 1611: King James Bibleor 'Authorized Version' first published. 13. 1612: The first flintlock musket likely created for Loui...

    Chang, Chun-shu, and Shelley Hsueh-lun Chang. Crisis and Transformation in Seventeenth-Century China" (1998).
    Reid, A. J. S. Trade and State Power in 16th & 17th Century Southeast Asia(1977).
    Spence, J. D. The Death of Woman Wang: Rural Life in China in the 17th Century(1978).
  4. American Sign Language (ASL) is a natural language that serves as the predominant sign language of Deaf communities in the United States and most of Anglophone Canada. ASL is a complete and organized visual language that is expressed by facial expression as well as movements and motions with the hands. [5]

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    Owling. For the internet fad, see Owling (internet meme). Owling was a common term for the smuggling of sheep or wool from England to another country, particularly France. The practice was illegal in England from 1367 until 1824. Participants were called "owlers"; their ships "owling boats". The origins of the term are obscure, and it appears ...

  6. Eddystone synonyms, Eddystone pronunciation, Eddystone translation, English dictionary definition of Eddystone. A rocky islet of southwest England in the English Channel south of Plymouth. It has been the site of a strategic lighthouse since the 1690s.

  7. tabby definition: 1. (a cat) having dark-coloured marks on grey or brown fur 2. (a cat) having dark-colored marks on…. Learn more.

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