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  1. More wars took place around the world in the mid-17th century than in almost any other period of recorded history. The crises spread far beyond Europe – for example Ming China, the most populous state in the world, collapsed. Across the Northern Hemisphere, the mid-17th century experienced almost unprecedented death rates. Geoffrey Parker, a ...

  2. Jun 22, 2021 · History Courses / Holt United States History: Online Textbook Help Course / Holt United States History Chapter 4: The American Revolution (1774-1783) Chapter Types of Anarchy in History and Government

  3. ---Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book and Young Housekeeper's Assistant, Mrs. E. Putnam, New and Enlarged edition [Sheldon and Company:New York] 1869 (p. 110) [1877] Mixed sandwiches Buckeye Cookery Book, Estelle Woods Wilcox [1884] Sandwiches The Boston Cook Book, Mrs. D.A. Lincoln [1887] Sandwiches The White House Cook Book, Mrs. F. L. Gillette

  4. Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) tried to reconcile rationalism and religious belief, individual freedom and political authority, as well as map out a view of the public sphere through private and public reason. Kant's work continued to shape German thought and indeed all of European philosophy, well into the 20th century.

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