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    1. IPA(key): [ˈluku]


    luku 1. genitive/dative/vocative/locative singular of luk


    From Proto-Finnic *luku. Equivalent to lukea (“to read, count”) +‎ -u.


    1. IPA(key): /ˈluku/, [ˈluku] 2. Rhymes: -uku 3. Syllabification: lu‧ku


    luku 1. number, count, quantity 2. chapter (one of the main section into which the text of a book is divided; one of the main part in a legal statute) 2.1. Se on ihan oma lukunsa. 2.1.1. It's another (chapter of a) storyof its own. 3. (law) chapter (division in a legal statute) 4. (in compounds) reading 4.1. lukutaito ― ability to read (literacy) 5. (grammar) number 6. together with a year, used to indicate decade, century or sometimes even millennium 6.1. 1920-luvulla- in the 20s, in the 192...


    luku (using Raguileo Alphabet) 1. (anatomy) knee


    1. Wixaleyiñ: Mapucezugun-wigkazugun pici hemvlcijka (Wixaleyiñ: Small Mapudungun-Spanish dictionary), Beretta, Marta; Cañumil, Dario; Cañumil, Tulio, 2008.


    1. IPA(key): /ˈlu.ku/


    luku m inan 1. genitive/locative/vocative singular of luk


    luku (Cyrillic spelling луку) 1. dative/locative singular of luk


    From English look.


    1. IPA(key): /ˈlu.ku/


    luku 1. To look (at).

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