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    The category is for articles and events specifically related to the decade of the 1800s which begins in the year 1800 and ends in the year 1809. Note that 1800 is actually the last year of the 18th century ; 1801 is the actual first year of the 19th century .

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    Feb 06, 2020 · The 1800s decade lasted from January 1, 1800, to December 31, 1809. The term eighteen-hundreds can also mean the years between 1800 and 1899, and is almost synonymous with the 19th century. This article refers to the decade comprising 1800–1809.

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    A decade (pronounce: DEK-aid) is a period of 10 years. The word comes from the Ancient Greek word for ten: "deka". 10 decades make a century , while 100 decades make a millennium . A decade is any 10 year period: There are different ways to refer to different groupings of ten years.

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    1900s ke decade 1 January 1800 se suruu bhais rahaa aur 31 December 1809 ke khalaas bhais rahaa. Ii 19th century ke pahila decade rahaa.

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    The 1800s (pronounced "eighteen-hundreds") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1800, and ended on December 31, 1809. The term "eighteen-hundreds" can also mean the years between 1800 and 1899 (the years beginning with "18"), and is almost synonymous with the 19th century (1801–1900).

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    Apr 28, 2021 · It should be noted that the method of computing a decade is distinguished from the proper computation of centuries and millennia, which run from 1 to 0. The 1st century began with the year 1 and ended with the year 100, but "the Nineties " are the years whose name includes the word ninety , from '90 to '99 with all those years with a 9 in the ...

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    (snowboarding) plural of 1800··The decade from 1800 to 1809. The century from 1800 to 1899.

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    Sep 01, 2020 · The decade of the 1850s, 1950s, etc. The decade of one's life from age 50 through age 59. ... 1800s · 1810s · 1820s · 1830s · 1840s · 1850s · 1860s · 1870s ...

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    It was called the Republican Decade for that reason. Harding and Coolidge made a plan for the economy which lowered taxes, made the government spend less money, and got rid of rules and laws that affected the economy. Near the end of the 1920s, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. During the Great Depression, the Republican ...

  10. 1800's When studying history, it is important to remember that one of the countries that went through the largest transformation in the 1800's was the United States Of America. Just a quick look at some of the events occurring during the century makes you realize how different America was at the start of the century compared to the end of the ...

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