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  1. Sumpah Pemuda adalah keputusan Kongres Pemuda Kedua yang diselenggarakan dua hari, 27—28 Oktober 1928 di Batavia (kini bernama Jakarta). Keputusan ini menegaskan cita-cita akan "tanah air Indonesia", "bangsa Indonesia", dan "bahasa Indonesia". Keputusan ini diharapkan menjadi asas bagi setiap perkumpulan kebangsaan Indonesia dan agar ...

  2. Na manhã de 4 de outubro de 1928, Giuseppe descobre a carta. O casal briga e Pistone sufoca a esposa com um travesseiro. Após 3 dias com o corpo no quarto sem saber o que fazer com ele, decide ocultá-lo em uma mala, seccionando os joelhos com uma navalha e quebrando o pescoço para que o cadáver coubesse na mesma.

  3. The Racket is a 1928 American silent crime drama film directed by Lewis Milestone and starring Thomas Meighan, Marie Prevost, Louis Wolheim, and George E. Stone. The film was produced by Howard Hughes, written by Bartlett Cormack and Tom Miranda, and was distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was adapted from Cormack's 1927 Broadway play The Racket.

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    The zoo was bombed regularly in September 1939, and many animals died from the bombs, bullets (e.g. apes) or missiles (e.g. an elephant, a giraffe). After the surrender of Warsaw to the Germans, most of the 'valuable' animal species (in the eyes of German representative Lutz Heck) were taken to the Schorfeide reserve in Germany, while others, described as 'not valuable' were shot, and the zoo ...

  5. The Crowd is a 1928 American silent romance film directed by King Vidor and starring James Murray, Eleanor Boardman and Bert Roach.The feature film was nominated at the very first Academy Award presentation in 1929, for several awards, including Unique and Artistic Production for MGM and Best Director for Vidor.

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    Pierre Culliford (French: ; 25 June 1928 – 24 December 1992) was a Belgian comics writer and artist who worked under the pseudonym Peyo ().His best-known works are the comic book series The Smurfs and Johan and Peewit, the latter in which the Smurfs first appeared.

  7. The Wind is a 1928 American silent romantic drama film directed by Victor Sjöström. The movie was adapted by Frances Marion from the 1925 novel of the same name written by Dorothy Scarborough . Featuring Lillian Gish , Lars Hanson and Montagu Love , it is one of the last silent films released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and is considered to be ...

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