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  1. 4 days ago · The Roaring Twenties, sometimes stylized as the Roarin' 20s, refers to the decade of the 1920s in Western society and Western culture. It was a period of economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge in the United States and Europe, particularly in major cities such as Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and Sydney.

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    5 days ago · Nikola Tesla (/ ˈ t ɛ s l ə / TESS-lə; Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла, pronounced [nǐkola têsla]; 10 July [O.S. 28 June] 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

  3. May 11, 2022 · But up until 1932, that's not what he talked about all the time. Indeed, in the last three years, between 1930 and 1933, when Hitler's vote was rising the fastest, the Nazis downplayed their antisemitic rhetoric. And their rhetoric was, what's wrong with this country is the system. The system is broken.

  4. May 13, 2022 · About Us. Mysterious Universe brings you the latest news and podcasts covering the strange, extraordinary, weird, wonderful and everything in between. Learn More.

  5. May 13, 2022 · On September 23, 1923, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, a Romantic book of prose poetry centered on a prophet who shares wisdom about family, work, death, love and freedom, is published. It sold about ...

  6. May 13, 2022 · Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and is now a worldwide event. Learn about the jack-o-lantern, trick-or-treating, Halloween costumes and more.

  7. May 11, 2022 · You can also read about Cold War, American Civil War, World War I, Vietnam War, Ancient History, Napoleon Wars, and many more topics… or just continue to browse everything we have » Most read Abandoned B-29 Kee Bird, Frozen in Time For 50 Years, She Was Almost Rescued