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  1. He is reputed to live in India or at the Himalaya mountain. [8] Olumba Olumba (born 1918) is a Nigerian religious leader and founder of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, an alleged evil cult and new religion. Olumba claimed to be the Abrahamic God [9] in human form. Members of his religion claim he is immortal.

  2. Disappeared people in art at Parque por la Paz at Villa Grimaldi in Santiago de Chile. Lists of people who disappeared include those whose current whereabouts are unknown, or whose deaths are unsubstantiated. Many people who disappear are eventually declared dead in absentia. Some of these people were possibly subjected to enforced ...

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  4. Alexander of Greece. 25 October 1920. King Alexander of Greece, 27, died of sepsis after being bitten by a palace steward's pet Barbary macaque in his garden, while trying to break up a fight between his German shepherd and another monkey. [142] [143] George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon.

  5. Lists of deaths by year. This is a list of deaths of notable people, organised by year. New deaths articles are added to their respective month (e.g., Deaths in June 2022) and then linked here.

  6. India. Vāc is the Hindu goddess of speech, or "speech personified". As brahman "sacred utterance", she has a cosmological role as the "Mother of the Vedas ". She is presented as the consort of Prajapati, who is likewise presented as the origin of the Veda. She became conflated with Sarasvati in later Hindu mythology.