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  1. 1984 (Roman) – Wikipedia

    1984 (Originaltitel: Nineteen Eighty-Four, deutscher Alternativtitel: Neunzehnhundertvierundachtzig), geschrieben von 1946 bis 1948 und erschienen im Juni 1949, ist ein dystopischer Roman von George Orwell (eigentlich Eric Arthur Blair), in dem ein totalitärer Überwachungsstaat im Jahr 1984 dargestellt wird.

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    1984 in anderen Kalendern Ab urbe condita: 2737 Armenischer Kalender: 1432–1433 Äthiopischer Kalender: 1976–1977 Badi-Kalender: 140–141 Bengalischer Kalender

  3. 1984 - Wikipedia

    Dit artikel behandelt het jaar 1984 volgens de christelijke jaartelling.. Gebeurtenissen januari. 1 - Brunei wordt een zelfstandige staat.; 1 - De hoogste West-Duitse NAVO-generaal Günther Kiessling wordt ontslagen omdat hij door de militaire veiligheidsdienst in homobars is gesignaleerd.

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    1984 (MCMLXXXIV, na numeração romana) foi um ano bissexto do século XX que começou num Domingo, segundo o calendário gregoriano. As suas letras dominicais foram AG. A terça-feira de Carnaval ocorreu a 6 de março e o domingo de Páscoa a 22 de abril. Segundo o horóscopo chinês, foi o ano do Rato, começando a 2 de fevereiro.

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    1984. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. XIX e syiclle | XX e syiclle | XXI e syiclle. Annaées 1960 | Annaées 1970 | Annaées 1980 | Annaées 1990 | ...

  6. 1984 (ספר) – ויקיפדיהספר)

    1984, תרגם ארז וולק, עם עובד, 2019. השפעותיו של הספר [ עריכת קוד מקור | עריכה ] לספר הייתה השפעה רבה על העולם של אחרי 1948, אשר נחשף לזוועת הדיקטטורה והטוטליטריות.

  7. 1984 (romanzo) - Wikipedia

    1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four) è uno dei più celebri romanzi di George Orwell, pubblicato nel 1949 ma iniziato a scrivere nel 1948 (anno da cui deriva il titolo, ottenuto appunto dall'inversione delle ultime due cifre).

  8. 1984 - Brucebase Wiki

    1984-05-26 - XANADU, ASBURY PARK, NJ. DANCING IN THE DARK. World premiere of "Dancing In The Dark", with Bruce guesting with the group Bystander.Thomas Kiely was a DJ for various clubs on the Jersey Shore in the 70s and 80s including Xanadu, and he was kind enough to send his recollections in to Brucebase: On Saturday May 26 1984 Bystander is playing at the club Xanadu in Asbury Park.

  9. About 1984 - CliffsNotes

    The society in 1984, although fictional, mirrors the political weather of the societies that existed all around him. Orwell's Oceania is a terrifying society reminiscent of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union — complete repression of the human spirit, absolute governmental control of daily life, constant hunger, and the systematic ...

  10. 1984 by George Orwell Plot Summary | LitCharts

    In the future world of 1984, the world is divided up into three superstates—Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia—that are deadlocked in a permanent war. The superpowers are so evenly matched that a decisive victory is impossible, but the real reason for the war is to keep their economies productive ...

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