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  1. In Western Eurasia (Europe and Near East), the first millennium was a time of great transition from Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages. The 1st century saw the peak of the Roman Empire , followed by its gradual decline during the period of Late Antiquity , the rise of Christianity and the Great Migrations .

  2. The list below includes links to articles with further details for each decade, century, and millennium from 13,000 BC to AD 3000. Century. Decades. 13th millennium BC · 13,000–12,001 BC. 12th millennium BC · 12,000–11,001 BC.

  3. Timeline. 1 A.D. 125 A.D. Roman rule, Greek mainland, 146 B.C.–330 A.D. Overview. By the beginning of the first millennium A.D., Rome dominates the Balkans. Roman lifestyle, architectural achievements, and propagandistic endeavors influence art and architecture across the peninsula.

  4. 1st millennium BC · 1st millennium AD · 2nd millennium AD. Centuries: 1st century · 2nd century · 3rd century · 4th century · 5th century · 6th century · 7th century · 8th century · 9th century · 10th century. The 1st millennium was a period of time from January 1, 1 A.D. to December 31, 1000 A.D.

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  6. The first millennium of the anno Domini or Common Era was a millennium spanning the years 1 to 1000 ( 1st to 10th centuries; in astronomy: JD 1 721 425.5 – 2 086 667.5 ). The world population rose more slowly than during the preceding millennium, from about 200 million in the year 1 to about 300 million in the year 1000.

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    The Proto-Slavic homeland is the area of Slavic settlement in Central and Eastern Europe during the first millennium AD, with its precise location debated by archaeologists, ethnographers and historians. Most scholars consider Polesia the homeland of the Slavs. Theories attempting to place Slavic origin in the Near East have been discarded.

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