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  1. Jan 28, 2023 · While Black History Month is synonymous with prominent figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, George...

  2. Jan 26, 2023 · African American History: African American History: People Sydney Kai Kamlager-Dove (1972-) The Honorable Sydney Kai Kamlager-Dove, a Freshman Democrat Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and an advocate for racial equity, access, and social justice, was born in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, on July 20, 1972, to Cheryl Lynn Bruce, an award-winning actor.

  3. Jan 29, 2023 · February is dedicated as Black History Month, honoring the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. history, including the civil rights movement and their artistic,...

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    • Alice Ball, chemist. Alice Ball was a chemist who developed an injectable treatment for leprosy. (Biography) Interested in chemistry and medicine? Learn more with science projects like
    • Benjamin Banneker, mathematician and astronomer. Benjamin Banneker was a mathematician and astronomer. Stories about Banneker include a range of science details, including a clock he carved from wood (possibly the first clock in the U.S.)
    • Patricia Bath, ophthalmologist. Patricia Bath was an ophthalmologist who developed laser technology used in treating cataracts. (Biography) Interested in eye science and vision?
    • Guion Bluford, astronaut and aerospace engineer. Guion Bluford was the first African American in space on the Challenger's eighth (STS-8) space shuttle mission (1983).
  5. Jan 30, 2023 · Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. | March on Washington Former President Obama's 2013 Inauguration At The US Capitol The Obama Family During The 2009 Swearing In Ceremony U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris takes the Oath of Office | January 20, 2021 Rosa Parks Greensboro Sit Ins Four Statue Jesse Owens Jackie Robinson BHT “I had

  6. Jan 4, 2023 · Notable African Americans Throughout Lancaster’s History. African American Lancastrians have made history over the years as visionary civic leaders, activists, athletes and entrepreneurs. James Clendenin - A free African tradesman, James Clendenin was selected by his community to organize the creation of a church.

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