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  1. 77% of Likely U.S. voters who have seen “2000 Mules” say the movie strengthened their conviction that there was systematic and widespread election fraud in the 2020 election. View Poll Details on Rasmussen Reports

  2. Jul 09, 2022 · 2000 Mules doesn’t even touch the votes cast by the dead, or those out of staters, or those moved, or those 200 voters at one address, or or or or . . . and as far as I can tell, they will still be eligible to be counted in 2022 and 2024.

  3. May 9, 2022 | Watch Free: 2000 Mules Movie April 15, 2022 | Texas Constitutional Amendments on May 7th Ballot (UPDATED) March 11, 2022 | Resolutions Collected for Conventions

  4. May 08, 2022 · Praised by former President Donald Trump as exposing “great election fraud,” the movie, called “2000 Mules,” paints an ominous picture suggesting Democrat-aligned ballot “mules” were ...

  5. Aug 01, 2022 · Where to Watch 2000 Mules Movie For Free? Currently, 2000 Mules Movie Online is not available on any Streaming Devices or Streming service providers. Gut it will soon be available. ScreenCast 2000 Mules Movie on TV for free: You can watch 2000 Mules from your Android or iOS device and screencast or screen mirrored to your TV.

  6. May 07, 2022 · They were wrong. “2000 Mules,” a documentary film created by Dinesh D’Souza, exposes widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome. Drawing on research provided by the election integrity group True the Vote, “2000 Mules” offers two types of evidence: geotracking and video.

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