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  1. The 2012 Olympics introduced a new format for the knockout rounds. Each head-to-head match was a best-of-five sets match where each competitor shoots three arrows per set. Competitors received two points for winning the set and one point for a draw with the first competitor to reach six points winning the match.

  2. 2012년 afc 챌린지컵은 아시아 축구 연맹에서 주관하는 네 번째 afc 챌린지컵이다. 이 대회는 지난 대회와는 달리 자동 진출팀 없이 8개국이 모두 예선을 통과해서 출전하며 개최국을 그 8개 팀 중에서 결정하게 된다.

  3. Andy Murray defeated the defending champion Novak Djokovic in the final, 7–6 (12–10), 7–5, 2–6, 3–6, 6–2 to win the men's singles tennis title at the 2012 US Open. It was his first major title, and he became the first British man to win a major since Fred Perry in 1936 , having been runner-up on four previous occasions.

  4. Tropical Storm Zelda was the last tropical cyclone of the 1991 Pacific typhoon season.The area of low pressure that became Zelda formed near the International Date Line, and became a tropical depression on November 27, 1991.

  5. Wikipedia là dự án bách khoa toàn thư mở, đa ngôn ngữ mà mọi người đều có thể tham gia đóng góp. Mục tiêu của Wikipedia là xây dựng một bách khoa toàn thư hoàn chỉnh, chính xác và trung lập. Sự phát triển của Wikipedia tiếng Việt phụ thuộc vào sự tham gia của bạn.

  6. According to StatCounter web use statistics (a proxy for all use), in the week from 7–13 November 2016, "mobile" (meaning smartphones) alone (without tablets) overtook desktop for the first time and by the end of the year smartphones were in the majority.

  7. 2012/2013 isuグランプリファイナル、2012/2013 isuジュニアグランプリファイナルは、それぞれ2012-2013年シーズンのisuグランプリファイナル、isuジュニアグランプリファイナルで、2012/2013 isuグランプリシリーズ及び2012/2013 isuジュニアグランプリの決勝大会である。

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