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  1. Real Time Live Presidential Election Results › 2020-election-results-live

    4 days ago · Starting with the final forecast of the model powering our 2020 election simulator, candidate and state probabilities will update in the tables below the map. Live Vote Totals: Select a state on the map. Results as of: Jul 03, 2021 2:26 PM EDT. Biden 306. 232 Trump.

  2. Green Party of the United States - Wikipedia › wiki › Green_Party_of_the_United

    1 day ago · The 2016 presidential campaign of Jill Stein got substantive support from counties and precincts with a high percentage of Native American population. For instance, in Sioux County (North Dakota, 84,1% Native American), Stein gained her best county-wide result: 10.4% of the votes.

    • April 2001; 20 years ago
    • Left-wing
  3. 1916 United States presidential election - Wikipedia › wiki › 1916_United_States

    3 days ago · Wilson's popular vote margin of 3.1 percent was the smallest attained by a victorious sitting president until 2004. The total popular vote cast in 1916 exceeded that of 1912 by 3,500,000. The very large total vote was an indication of an aroused public interest in the campaign.

    • New Jersey
    • Democratic
    • Woodrow Wilson
    • Thomas R. Marshall
  4. List of female United States presidential and vice ... › wiki › List_of_female_United

    4 days ago · Despite losing the election, Clinton became the first woman to win the popular vote, receiving nearly 66 million votes to Donald Trump 's 63 million. The Green Party has run a female candidate three times, Cynthia McKinney in 2008 and Jill Stein in 2012 and 2016.

  5. United States presidential elections in Arkansas - Wikipedia › wiki › United_States_presidential

    3 days ago · In the presidential election of 1968, American Independent Party candidate George Wallace won the election, becoming the only third-party presidential candidate to win Arkansas. Arkansas was the only state in the presidential election of 1992 to be won by a majority of the popular vote. Bill Clinton won Arkansas with 53.21% of the votes.

    • 46
    • 1
    • 33
    • 12
  6. Why the Arizona Election Audit Circus Just Won’t End › intelligencer › article

    Jul 29, 2021 · Similarly, Maricopa hit the statewide average of 80 percent of registered voters participating in 2020. Yes, statewide turnout as a percentage of the eligible voting-age population jumped from 55...

  7. Jul 27, 2021 · He said that was done because Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote nationwide in 2016 and some lawmakers feared that electors would refuse to cast the state’s 11 electoral votes for Trump ...

  8. 3 days ago · PolitiFact, "Fact-check: Did 3 million undocumented immigrants vote in this year's election?" Nov. 18, 2016 PolitiFact, "Donald Trump's Pants on Fire claim that millions of illegal votes cost him ...

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