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    The 2020 Belarusian presidential election was held on Sunday, 9 August 2020. Early voting began on 4 August and ran until 8 August. Incumbent Alexander Lukashenko was reelected to the sixth term in office, with official results crediting him with 80% of the vote.

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Presidential elections were held in Belarus on 9 August 2020.

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  4. International reactions to the 2020 Belarusian presidential ... › wiki › International_reactions_to

    President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega and Vice-President Rosario Murillo congratulated Lukashenko on his victory in the presidential election. [41] Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Jong Un , sent a message of greeting to Aleksandr Lukashenko, president of the Republic of Belarus on the occasion of the national day of Belarus.

  5. Talk:2020 Belarusian presidential election - Wikipedia › wiki › Talk:2020_Belarusian

    Every Belarusian election after 1994 hasn't been democratic, this one is no different. If things change, then changes to the article will be made, it's not something to just wait. Mellk 20:34, 12 August 2020 (UTC) It is something to just wait. Wikipedia should not be endorsing a side by showing the "official" results.

  6. Next Belarusian presidential election - Wikipedia › wiki › Next_Belarusian

    e Under the terms of the Constitution of Belarus, the next Belarusian presidential election is to be held in 2025. The president is elected directly to serve a five-year term. Mass protests erupted following the disputed outcome of the 2020 election in which incumbent Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory.

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    Aug 09, 2020 · Media in category "Presidential election of Belarus, 2020" The following 39 files are in this category, out of 39 total. 2020 Belarusian presidential election (August 9, Minsk) 1.jpg 5,139 × 2,762; 1.81 MB

  8. Elections in Belarus - Wikipedia › wiki › Elections_in_Belarus

    The 2001 Belarusian presidential elections were held on 9 September 2001 with three candidates competing. The incumbent president, Alexander Lukashenko, was one of the candidates running for office. The two candidates that sought to unseat Lukashenko were Vladimir Goncharik and Sergei Gaidukevich. According to the official data, Alexander ...

  9. จากวิกิพีเดีย สารานุกรมเสรี (เปลี่ยนทางจาก 2020 Belarusian presidential election)

  10. Viktar Babaryka - Wikipedia › wiki › Viktar_Babaryka

    On 8 May 2020, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly set the Presidential election in the Republic of Belarus on 9 August 2020. On 12 May, Viktar Babaryka expressed the wish to run for the Presidency, and on 20 May he registered the second biggest initiative group that included 8,904 persons.

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