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  1. 2020 Election Forecast | FiveThirtyEight › 2020-election-forecast

    Nov 03, 2020 · Our 2020 forecastspresidential, Senate, House — are all now officially frozen, meaning we won’t be ingesting any new polls or updating the odds in any race. Instead, follow along on our Election Day Live blog as we track results in real-time.

  2. Latest Polls | FiveThirtyEight › polls

    May 04, 2021 · Our average includes all candidates that FiveThirtyEight considers “major.” Candidates with insufficient polling data are not displayed in the averages. State polling averages are adjusted based on national trends, which means candidates’ averages can shift even in the absence of fresh state polls.

  3. 2020 Election – FiveThirtyEight › politics › elections

    Get a unique perspective of the Presidential Election with analysis around Republican and Democratic campaigns, debates, polls, election results, and more.

  4. How FiveThirtyEight’s 2020 Presidential Forecast Works — And ... › features › how-fivethirtyeight

    Aug 12, 2020 · Polls are weighted based on their sample size and their pollster rating, so higher-quality polls have more influence on the forecast. And if there are a large number of polls from one polling firm ...

  5. FiveThirtyEight's 2020 Presidential Election Forecast › maps › fivethirtyeight-2020

    The Toss-Up tan color is used where neither candidate currently has a 65% or higher chance of winning. The colored gradients are used to show higher probabilities for Biden or Trump, deepening as the likelihood of winning increases: Light (65%+), Medium (80%+), Dark (95%+). Use this map as a starting point to create and share your own 2020 presidential election forecast.

  6. How We Designed The Look Of Our 2020 Forecast | FiveThirtyEight › features › how-we-designed-the

    Aug 13, 2020 · An election year in the FiveThirtyEight newsroom is unlike any other year. ... we were ready to hit the gas on our general election forecast. But 2020 has ... We launched our 2020 presidential ...

    • Anna Wiederkehr
  7. 8 Tips To Stay Sane In The Final 15 Days Of ... - FiveThirtyEight › features › 8-tips-to-stay-sane
    • Keep the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. The most important story in the country is that 210,000 Americans and counting have died from the coronavirus, plus virtually everybody’s lives have been disrupted in some way by the pandemic.
    • Don’t assume the race is in the bag for Biden. Although COVID-19 and other issues make Trump’s road to reelection difficult, he still has a 12 percent chance of winning the Electoral College, according to the FiveThirtyEight model as of Sunday afternoon.
    • But also don’t buy the narrative that “polling is broken.” Polling is an imperfect instrument, more so in some years than others. However, 2016 — while far from a banner year from the polls — was not quite so bad as some critics assume.
    • Don’t get too obsessed with comparisons to 2016. I know it’s fashionable to make comparisons between 2016 and 2020, and to discuss the various ways in which they might or might not be similar (there are fewer undecided voters this year, for instance).
  8. Who Will Win The 2020 Democratic Primary? | FiveThirtyEight › 2020-primary-forecast

    Apr 07, 2020 · Our latest forecast for how many pledged delegates each candidate will win after all states have voted. FiveThirtyEight’s model simulates the primary season thousands of times to find the most likely outcome for each candidate, accounting for the margin of their wins and losses, plus the possibility that a trailing candidate might drop out.

  9. FiveThirtyEight 2020 House Forecast - › 2020-house-election

    Updated every four hours, this is an interactive House map derived from the FiveThirtyEight 2020 House Election Forecast.. The Toss-Up tan color is used where neither party currently has a 60% or higher chance of winning.

  10. 2020 Presidential Election Forecast Maps - › 2020-election-forecast-predictions

    The final electoral college ratings for the 2020 presidential election from Larry Sabato and the team at the University of Virginia Center for Politics. Use this map as a starting point to create and share your own 2020 presidential election forecast. November 2: In this final 2020 election update, all toss-ups are called. Florida, Iowa, ME-2 ...

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