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  1. Peridot | Steven Universe Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Peridot
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    Peridot has lime-green skin and pale chartreuse yellow hair styled into a tetrahedron shape. When she blushes, it is green. Her true eye color is unknown at this time but can be presumed to be some shade of green or blue, due to being tinted by the yellow color of her visor. It is possible that the visor may actually be part of her body and thus irremovable. Her mouth and tongue are bluish-gray, and she has a pointed upper lip. Her gemstone is located on her forehead.

    Initially, Peridot appeared to be calculating, ruthless, and loyal, as shown in her readiness to kill Steven and the other Crystal Gems in \\"The Return\\" when asked to by a higher authority. She takes her work seriously, crushing one of her Robonoids underfoot when it was damaged and useless to her during \\"Warp Tour\\". Examples of Peridot's loyalty are shown during the events of \\"Jail Break\\". Although she disagrees with how Jasper is running their mission and is shown to be annoyed, she still ta...

    Peridot possesses most standard Gem abilities. However, it is revealed in \\"Too Short to Ride\\" that Peridot was created on Homeworld during Era 2 when the planet's resources had diminished greatly due to millennia of gem manufacturing. Due to the lack of resources, Peridots made on Homeworld appear to lack certain powers, which is why they are equipped with technological enhancements. For instance, Peridot claims in \\"Too Short to Ride\\" that she cannot shapeshift at all.

    Though the extent of their relationship is unknown, Jasper acts as Peridot's escort during her mission to Earth. Once on Earth, however, Jasper realizes Steven possesses Rose's gemstone and immediately prioritizes returning to Homeworld over Peridot's mission which she dismisses as trivial, leaving Peridot feeling disgruntled. Peridot was comfortable questioning Jasper's decision, which later contrasts with her nervousness when she argues with Yellow Diamond. In \\"Cry for Help\\", it is overtly...

    1. ​​​​​In the podcast, according to Rebecca Sugar, a very old concept for Peridot was a cyber bully for Steven who Steven would meet. She and Ian Jones-Quartey also explained how this somewhat factored into Peridot's character as she was originally someone from far away who was comfortable threatening Steven and the Crystal Gems. 2. In response to the implication (from her earliest appearances) that Peridot is a \\"main antagonist\\", Matt Burnett stated, \\"Pretty quick to judge poor Peridot......

  2. Steven Universe - Wikipedia › wiki › Steven_Universe

    Steven Universe, according to Eric Thurm, is a low-key, slice of life portrayal of childhood, an examination of unconventional family dynamics, a homage to anime, video games and other pop-culture mainstays, and a "straightforward kids' show about superheroes".

    • November 4, 2013 –, January 21, 2019
    • Cartoon Network
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  4. History of LGBT characters in animation: 2020s - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_LGBT_characters

    On March 27, 2020, the four-part finale of its limited epilogue series of Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, aired on Cartoon Network.Sugar argued that the series made a point about shoune anime and kids cartoons, with the aftermath of victories generally not explored, stating that the series explores the aftermath of the victory in the Season 5 finale, with the protagonist, Steven ...

  5. Peridot/Designs | Steven Universe Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Peridot

    Peridot wearing the "Limb Enhancer" cans given to her by Steven in "Log Date 7 15 2" Peridot with goggles from "Log Date 7 15 2" and " Steven's Birthday " Peridot with green ribbon and tablet From " Too Short to Ride ".

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  6. Steven Universe (character) - Wikipedia › wiki › Steven_Universe_(character)

    Steven Quartz Universe is the title character and the main protagonist of the animated series Steven Universe and its epilogue series Steven Universe Future, created by Rebecca Sugar. Steven is a hybrid between a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as a magical gemstone projecting a body of light, and a normal human being.

    • Human-Gem hybrid
    • "The Time Thing" (2013) (pilot debut), "Gem Glow" (2013) (proper series debut)
  7. Peridot Being Cute for Almost 3 Minutes (Steven Universe Future)Here's a little compilation of Peridot's cute/funny/adorable moments! Includes scenes from bo...

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    • Quartz Universe
  8. Peridot (Steven Universe) | Villains Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Peridot_(Steven_Universe)
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    Initially, Peridot is shown to be extremely morose and ruthless. She is skilled with Gem technology and works for the Homeworld Gems as a technician and takes her work seriously, crushing one of her Robonoids underfoot when it was minimally damaged and useless to her in her first appearance during \\"Warp Tour\\". In \\"Marble Madness\\", she briefly interacts with Steven, questioning him about the current state of Earth before losing interest and attempting to crush him. When the Crystal Gems interv...

    Peridot has lime green skin, and pale yellowish-green hair styled into a tetrahedron shape. Her true eye color is unknown at this time, due to being tinted by her visor, but can be presumed to be some shade of green. Her mouth and tongue are blue. Her gemstone is located on her forehead and is shaped like an inverted triangle with flattened corners.In all of her appearances to date, she wears a sleeveless green V-neck uniform. Her suit is mostly medium green, with a dark green diamond outline...

    Peridot appears as the main antagonist in the episode \\"Marble Madness\\" where she sent multiple Plug Robonoids to Gem Kindergarten in order to activate Facet Five. As she was doing so, she discovered Steven trying to chat with her and he wanted to know what Peridot is doing sending the Robonoids to Earth. Annoyed, Peridot tried to crush Steven with her giant stone gloves, but, much to her surprise, she was foiled by Garnet. A paranoid Peridot, still confused about the Gems's existence, tries t...

    1. Peridot is the second new Gem introduced in the series the first is Lapis Lazuli, the third is Jasper, the fourth is Ruby, and the fifth is Sapphire. 2. She has a diamond symbol on her suit as well as Lapis and Jasper. This concludes that Peridot is working with the Homeworld Gems. 3. Peridot is the birthstone of August, along with Sardonyx. 4. In \\"Marble Madness\\", her final words before her screen faded out where \\"I'm reporting this!\\" Implying that she has a manager. This wouldn't be dis...

  9. Too cute | Steven Universe | Peridot steven universe, Steven ... › pin › 710372541198242580

    Apr 17, 2018 - See more 'Steven Universe' images on Know Your Meme!

  10. Lapis Lazuli | Steven Universe Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Lapis
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    Lapis has a slim figure and considerably tall, being about the same height as Pearl. Lapis has cyan skin, cobalt blue chin-length hair with long bangs and fringe that covers her entire forehead, which occasionally looks messier and round, royal blue eyes. Her gemstone is embedded in her back, which takes the form of a water droplet.

    While it is unknown what Lapis was like before being trapped in a mirror, the suffering of being trapped for over 5,000 years has changed her deeply. It was a recurring theme for her to be used by others and these experiences have cemented in her a general mistrust of others: Furious and cannot let things go, she initially harbored a hatred and mistrust for the Crystal Gems since they knew she was in the mirror but never helped. She had a strong dislike towards Peridot because she had dragged...

    Lapis Lazuli possesses standard Gem abilities, including fusion, superhuman strength/durability and agelessness. She is exceptionally powerful, especially when she is near the ocean. She could create duplicates of the Crystal Gems to fight them off while her gem was cracked, as well as became the dominant personality when she fused with Jasper and imprisoned them both and stabilize her fusion-form, despite the Gems' lack of synchronization, to where as any forms of mismatch would usually canc...

    1. There was a lot of attention to detail to her design/change during her introductory episode: She didn't have irises nor pupils in her eyes with her eyes being blank when her gemstone was cracked, but gained dark blue irises with no visible pupils in her eyes after being healed by Steven. Another example would be the way she moves in a very smooth and fluid way compared to other characters, who have human-like, but still slightly jerky movements. The contrast is seen best when Steven talks...

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