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    • The 1900s. This decade opened the century with some amazing scientific and technological feats: the first flight by the Wright brothers, Henry Ford's first Model-T, and Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
    • The 1910s. This decade was dominated by the first "total war"—World War I. It also saw other huge changes during the Russian Revolution and the beginning of Prohibition in the United States.
    • The 1920s. The Roaring '20s were a time of a booming stock market, speakeasies, short skirts, the Charleston, and jazz. The '20s also showed great strides in women's suffrage—women got the vote in 1920.
    • The 1930s. The Great Depression hit the world hard in the 1930s. The Nazis took advantage of this situation and came to power in Germany, established their first concentration camp, and began a systematic persecution of Jews in Europe.
  1. May 02, 2022 · The World Wars sparked tension between countries and led to the creation of atomic bombs, the Cold War led to the Space Race and the creation of space-based rockets, and the World Wide Web was created. These advancements have played a significant role in citizens’ lives and shaped the 21st century into what it is today.

  2. 1963 jfk assassinated in dallas- dealey plaza, lbj becomes president of us 1964 freedom summer, year of beatles hippies/student unrest/ moral decline 1967 six-day war (israel wins) 1968 mlk assassinated at the lorraine motel in memphis 1957 - 1975 vietnam war 1968 tet offensive- turning point in vietnam war, prague spring put down violently 1966 …

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  4. World History of the 20th and 21st Century PDF Image Main War Rusia VS Japan 1904 Russian Revolution 1905 Corean Anexation to Japan 1909 Mexican Revolution 1910 - 1920 First Balkan War 1912 Sinking of the Titanic 1912 Madero and Pino Suárez die 1913 Second Balkan War 1913 Assassination of Arch. Franz Ferdinand 1914 WWI 1914 - 1919 Show More...

  5. The system would go on to become the highest-selling video game console in history, selling over 155 million units around the world before being discontinued in 2013. April–September: Abu Sayyaf gunmen seized 21 people including 10 tourists and 11 resort workers, two of them Filipinos, from the resort island of Sipadan, Malaysia.

  6. France. Wars since 1900. September 13 - the Germans adopt a defensive position at the river Aisne in northern France, in the first sign of the trench warfare that will characterize the entire war in the west. Go to Aisne, battle of the (1914) in The Oxford Companion to Military History (1 ed.)

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