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    The Prime Minister who lived on Benzedrine. Even though I may be schooled on the subject of drugs in culture, every once in a while I stumble across a piece of information that is totally new. Take this little blurb about Anthony Eden, the Prime Minister of England who succeeded Winston Churchill after WWII, and was apparently a huge amphetamine addict.

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    Jul 12, 2010 · Anthony Eden. Elected as Prime Minister of Jolly old England in 1955, Eden suffered horrible pain due to a botched gall bladder operation. To take the edge off the post-op failure Eden developed a serious morphine and Benzedrine (Bennys or amphetamines) addiction. He was able to sporadically kick the morphine habit, but taking Bennys became part of his daily routine.

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    Eden was addicted to morphine and Benzedrine, which was a commercial brand of amphetamines. By the time he became Prime Minister he had quit morphine but was still heavily addicted to Benzedrine. The side effects of the drug included insomnia, restlessness, and mood swings, all which Eden exhibited during the Suez Canal Crisis.

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    In his term of office as prime minister during the 1950s, however, Churchill became increasingly dependent on drugs. ... carefully shrouded from the public while Anthony Eden played a stabilizing ...

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    May 30, 2002 · Anthony Eden, British prime minister: It is suspected that Eden became dependent on amphetamines during a blockage of his biliary tract in the early 1950s. He always had a box about his person which contained various things including morphine. During the Suez crisis Eden admitted to “practically living on Benzedrine ”.

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    Babylonia (/ ˌ b æ b ɪ ˈ l oʊ n i ə /) was an ancient Akkadian-speaking state and cultural area based in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq and Syria).A small Amorite-ruled state emerged in 1894 BCE, which contained the minor administrative town of Babylon.

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