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  1. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from 2300 BC) The 23rd century BC is a century which was from the year 2300 BC to 2201 BC.

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    From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository English: The 23rd century BC started the first day of 2300 BC and ended the last day of 2201 BC.

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    Red Dwarf, parts of the series may be set in the 23rd century, evidenced by Lister stating that he is "an enlightened 23rd century guy." However, other episodes imply Lister is from the 21st century or 22nd century, and most of the series is set about 3 million years later. 2201: F-Zero: GP Legend, a video game and television series.

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  4. The 24th century BC was a century which lasted from the year 2400 BC to 2301 BC. Sargon , an Akkadian-Assyrian personal and family name dating as far back as the 24th century BCE, may refer to: Lagash , or Shirpurla , was an ancient city state located northwest of the junction of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and east of Uruk, about 22 ...

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    The 23rd century BC consists of the years 2300-2201 BC. (All events are approximate and are based on Abraham being born in 1900 BC.). 2290 BC. Birth of Shem.

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    This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia.The original content was at 23rd century BC.The list of authors can be seen in the page history.As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License.

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    The 3rd century BC started the first day of 300 BC and ended the last day of 201 BC.It is considered part of the Classical era, epoch, or historical period.. In the Mediterranean Basin, the first few decades of this century were characterized by a balance of power between the Greek Hellenistic kingdoms in the east, and the great mercantile power of Carthage in the west.

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    4.2 kiloyear event – a severe aridification event that probably lasted the entire 22nd century BC and caused the collapse of several Old World civilizations. 2217 BC – 2193 BC: Nomadic invasions of Akkad. c. 2184 BC: Possible date for the death of pharaoh Pepi II Neferkare, the longest reigning monarch of history with 94 years on the throne.

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    2400 BC–There is archaeological evidence that the site of Assur was occupied at around this time. c. 2360 BC: Hekla-4 eruption. c. 2359 BC: The 2350 BC Middle East Anomaly (apparent comet or asteroid impact) happened. c. 2350 BC: End of the Early Dynastic III period in Mesopotamia. c. 2350 BC: First destruction of the city of Mari.

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    The 2nd century BC started the first day of 200 BC and ended the last day of 101 BC. It is considered part of the Classical era, although depending on the region being studied, other terms may be more suitable. It also considered to be the end of the Axial Age.

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